Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Restaurant review: The Hawk

Where we ate:
The Hawk, Hawk Hill, Battlesbridge
At the end of last week I went for a family meal to The Hawk. My birthday plans in January were cancelled because of the snow so it was really nice to get everyone together for a belated treat. We were going to my grandparents’ house anyway, so it was the four of us and Jake as well as my nanny and grandad.
The Hawk is a country pub with restaurant and although it is a part of the Vintage Inn chain, we’ve never had a bad meal there. Everything is reasonably priced and everything about the pub and its surroundings make for a lovely experience – open log fires, cosy interior and rustic character.
The village of Battlesbridge is situated in Wickford and is the home to an antiques centre, if that’s your kinda thing! On departure there is also a white van selling fresh seafood, which are great for taking away!

What we drank:
The majority of the party were on soft drinks but there is so much to choose from, from a number of menus. For something a little different there is currently an autumn/winter menu which boasts cocktail combinations with a seasonal twist. ‘Spiced apple’ (sailor jerry and apple juice) is a real winter warmer, or if you’re more of a berry person ‘Berry Clementine’ (cointreau, crème de cassis and bitter lemon) would be up your street.
There are real ales on draught and your usual selection of lagers.
The wine list is also extensive and reasonably priced with glasses from £3.55 and bottles from £11.95.
After a diet pepsi, I had a glass of Chablis as the pub were running a ‘Fish Friday’. Basically if two people chose from the fish menu, you’d receive a bottle of Chablis for half-price (£9-something instead of £19-something). It was the perfect accompaniment.

What we ate:
Grandad – seasonal soup (tomato and basil served with multi-seed bread and butter) followed by scampi medley (crumbed scampi and king prawns, served with garden peas, tartare sauce and seasoned chips) and spotted dick with custard
Robert – toad in the hole (served with garden peas, mash and caramelised onion gravy) followed by churros sundae (warm Spanish doughnuts with cinnamon sugar, vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate fudge sauce)
Nan – trout fillet (with woodland mushrooms and spinach, topped with a mixed seed crumb and served with baby potatoes and white wine cream) followed by Kentish bramley apple pie with custard
Jake – toad in the hole followed by chocolate brownie with ice cream
Me – cod and chips (served with chips and mushy peas) followed by churros sundae
Mum – cod and chips
Dad – beef and merlot pie (slow-cooked diced British beef with shallots and roasted portobello mushrooms in a rich Merlot red wine sauce with buttered pea, broad and green bean medley and steak cut chips)
Mum and I both ordered from the ‘Fish Fridays’ menu, where there were four or five options. You can’t go wrong with fish and chips though and the cod was beautiful; flaky and it melted on the fork. It was the first time I’d had mushy peas and to be honest, I’m not too sure what they’re about – do I like them? I don’t really know, weird.
Grandad and Robert ordered from the fixed price menu, which is served from Monday to Friday. With main courses at £6.50 and every starter and dessert £2, you can have a three-course meal for £10.50. The menu never changes other than the starter which varies dependent on what’s in season (last time we went, it was spiced pumpkin).
The churros sundae is mine and my brother’s favourite and it reminds me of breakfast in Spain so much. I’m constantly craving the doughnutty delight and the combination of hot churros with chocolate fudge sauce and ice cream is just perfection in a bowl! It was a little heavy after the cod and chips, but I just could not resist!

All in all it was a lovely afternoon with good food and company, in a warm and friendly setting. I know we will definitely be going back (my granddad loves the scampi too much!) and it’s a really good place to go for a family meal or even coffee or cocktails with friends.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Graze: 23.01.13

In this box, I got:
·         Apple and cinnamon flapjack
·         Chilli and lime pistachios
·         Dark rocky road (pecan nuts, dark chocolate buttons and cranberries)
·         Scandinavian forest (blueberries, lingonberries, cherry infused raisins and apple)

·         The apple and cinnamon flapjack is definitely my favourite of all the flapjacks Graze makes. Apple and cinnamon is such a classic and winning combination. The dried apple pieces are almost indistinguishable because of the softness and chewiness of the oats. Three finger slices just isn’t enough and I imagine if I had a box with four punnets of this in, my tea times would be amazing for a week! LOVE

·         Pistachio nuts are my favourite variety of nut whether they’re eaten as snack, or cooked in a dish. Flavoured or coated nuts are an absolute winner in my eyes and these chilli and lime pistachios pack a punch! They’re amazing and a little bit different. The chilli isn’t too hot and the lime isn’t too sour, if anything, it’s quite sweet. In my opinion, they aren’t as good as the bbq ones, but they’re a really yummy snack! LIKE

·         The dark rocky road was in my undiscovered food list, so it was only a matter of time before I got round to trying it. I keep going through the snacks I haven’t tried or binned without trying and feeling like I should be more adventurous, so I wasn’t sure if I’d like this before it arrived. For me, the rocky road was far too dry. I ended up picking out the cranberries and eating them, before giving the rest to my mum – who absolutely loves, but never buys, pecans! I don’t mind dark chocolate but because the buttons were so large it was just too rich and too much. A shame. BIN

·         My favourite Graze nibbles are those with marked with the health star and described as ‘extra light’ – it doesn’t make me feel so bad about what I’m eating. At only 76 calories and a good source of vitamin C, Scandinavian forest is packed full of fruit and is just scrummy! The cherry infused raisins and blueberries are tangy, while the dried apple is sweet and soft. I still have no idea what lingonberries are, but they complete the punnet. I love dried fruit, so I absolutely love this! LOVE

And you can try Graze for free, by checking out the website and entering B1MFKZN

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sunday Snapshots #1

My boyfriend’s labradoodle Billie ~ Finally bought sleep-in rollers ~ The results ~ Craving a roast, so cooked a mini one ~ Saw Bloc Party at Earls Court ~ Barnet V Rochdale

Last weekend I stayed at Jake’s because we went out for Valentine’s dinner (which you can read about here). He works on a Monday so it’s always me at the house on my own, which means entertaining his dog, Billie. She’s absolutely adorable and such a poser! I told her to sit and she started flicking her head (like a diva) so I just had to take a photo. I love her!
After reading all the tweets and seeing the photos of girls using Sleep-in rollers, I had to see what the fuss was about! They arrived on Monday so when I got home from Ipswich I put them in. I’ll be honest, I’d never used rollers before so I didn’t really know what I was doing. They were really comfortable though.
My hair on Tuesday morning! I’m not too sure what I was expecting, but the results were really good – although I don’t think I used enough hairspray and by lunchtime, my hair had dropped! I always straighten my hair and rarely wear it up, so having a bit of volume did wonders and I think I’ll soon be addicted!
Normally I have a roast at Jake’s but last weekend his mum wasn’t very well. There wasn’t much in our house this week, so I improvised and made a mini roast. I filled a chicken breast with bacon and topped it with a cheese crumb. The potatoes I diced and roasted in oil, black pepper and mixed herbs and also roasted a carrot (normally I do this in honey, but we didn’t have any!).It was SO yummy!
On Friday night, Jake took me to see Bloc Party at Earls Court and it was probably the best gig I’ve ever been to! I’ve loved Bloc for years and it was so great to finally see them live – they certainly didn’t disappoint! You can also read about the night here and I’ve also uploaded a few videos and photos.
Saturday was a fairly standard afternoon with my daddy. We went to Barnet to watch them play Rochdale. It was absolutely freezing and although I had two tops, my ClaireaBella hoodie, a coat, snuggle socks and my Uggs on, it was bitter! The game was pretty horrendous and finished 0-0. I couldn’t get home and get wrapped up with a cuppa!

Did you all have a good week? Do anything exciting over the weekend?

Bloc Party @ Earls Court: 22.02.13 (2)

One More Chance
 This Modern Love

Me before Bloc Party
Me and Jake before Bloc Party

Bloc Party @ Earls Court: 22.02.13

On Friday night, Jake took me to see Bloc Party as part of my Christmas present. I’d wanted to see them live for the last five years or so and I was so annoyed I missed them play at my local venue, The Cliffs Pavilion in Southend (in 2009). Having not really heard anything properly since the Intimacy album and only liking half of the tracks on Kele’s solo album The Boxer, I was a little apprehensive about hearing tracks from an album I hadn’t listened to at least once. I certainly wasn’t disappointed though and it was one of, if not the best gig I’ve ever been to!
I’d never been to Earls Court either and that was certainly an experience. It was huge – and so empty when we arrived, it was like an open shell of a warehouse. Capacity inside stands at about 19,000 and it must have been close to a sell-out – particularly given it was a one-off gig and the concluding date of Bloc Party’s European tour. Once the support acts had done their thing, the crowds soon started to pour in and leaving the venue later proved to be a nightmare.
Although the doors opened at 6pm, we didn’t arrive until at least 7:30 and although we missed the first support act: a band called Old Men, we did get to see the following group: The Joy Formidable (link). The trio from North Wales had previously supported acts such as The Temper Trap and The Editors and I guess they fit into the Alternative/Rock genre; their stuff wasn’t as Indie as Bloc’s. For an unheard-of band, I was fairly impressed by them.
Back to Bloc and I’ve managed to locate a copy of their set-list:
Before the gig, Jake and I were listing the songs we were hoping to hear and although there were a few we were unfamiliar with, they played all the classics – and my personal favourites too!
‘So open the door and calm down. Can’t you see that I’m trying?’
I was really pleased that The Prayer was followed by One More Chance and as soon as the keyboard came out, it was fairly obvious that One More Chance was going to be played. It really got the crowd going as well, so it obviously wasn’t just us waiting to hear it!
‘Don’t get offended if I seem absent minded, I get tongue-tied’
The first encore was absolutely brilliant as well and the four songs were all probably in my all-time top 10! It began with Kreuzberg, which Kele dedicated to his parents; Ares and This Modern Love (definitely top three!) followed. Kele then announced: “This oen’s for the girls” and a single verse and chorus of Rihanna’s We Found Love soon merged into Flux – a real crowd pleaser!
‘Are you hoping for a miracle?’
The second encore began with a real treat and surprise – a song called Ratchet, yet to be recorded (I think that was what was said) – and I’m already excited for its release! The show finished with a song that most of us were expecting or hoping to hear: Helicopter. Although some of the people around me had a feeling it’d finish with Two More Years.
The lighting really made the show though, and would be up there with the most spectacular I have seen. While the backdrop displayed the circular logo associated with the fourth album, cleverly titled Four, the lasers throughout created the atmosphere and got everyone jumping around.
Like I said before, leaving was a nightmare! As you can see from the picture, there were ample security guards holding up stop/go signs as well as police patrolling up and down the road. Once we managed to cross, there was a wait to actually enter the station and I can only assume the platform was too crowded as the gates were shut, with more attendants keeping guard. We must have been waiting at least 20 minutes (although it probably seemed longer because I’m so impatient!) but I dread to think how long the people at the back of the queues were waiting.
That didn’t spoil my enjoyment of the night in any way, though and I’m really pleased I can finally tick it off the ‘bands I’m desperate to see’ list. I’ve spent most of today having a Bloc iTunes sess and I need to get my hands on Four asap!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Nails: Ciaté caviar manicure

For Christmas, my brother bought me Ciaté’s caviar manicure set in Mother of Pearl. Growing up, I had always bitten my nails, so for some time I’d wanted to grow them long enough to have them painted or decorated beautifully. I’d seen this craze via Twitter and knew I had to check it out for myself.
Each pack contains all you will need:
·         One pot of Ciaté nail polish
·         One pot of micro-pearls
·         One funnel
·         One tray
Added to that, from experience, you will also need the following:
·         A clear space
·         A lot of time
·         Even more patience!
The instructions are on the back of the pack and also enclosed inside and while they are easy to follow, it can be very fiddly. I found I was getting nail varnish all over my finger, when I was pressing the beads down which made them stick to my skin and also smudge my nails.
How to apply Ciaté’s caviar manicure:
·         Paint each nail with one coat of Ciaté’s nail polish and allow to dry
·         Work on each nail at a time and add a second coat of the enclosed shade
·         Place your finger over the plastic tray provided and sprinkle the caviar pearls over your nail. Make sure you do this while it is still wet
·         Once fully covered, press down gently and compact the caviar pearls into your nail bed
·         Place the mini funnel into the caviar pearl pot and gently tilt the tray so that remaining pearls are back in the pot
·         Once finished, leave nails to try for 15-20 minutes

Unfortunately, mine only lasted two days before they started to chip and because the caviar and polish crumble off together, you are left with a bit of a mess. It almost looked as though I had attempted to paint tip-ex on my nails! I imagine they would have stayed in better condition had I added a top coat (note to self: buy top coat).

You can also create a number of patterns and the leaflet enclosed in the box gives you plenty of ideas to try out!
Next time I think I will go for a black and white monochrome theme or maybe Barbie pink with the white. I’m also desperate to try out the velvet manicure, also by Ciaté.
I’ll probably rate this 8/10, but only because it is quite fiddly and I’m the most impatient person in the world!

You can also buy the caviar manicure here and the velvet manicure here.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Restaurant review: Loch Fyne

Where we ate:
Loch Fyne. Duke Street, Ipswich
Jake and I went back to Loch Fyne for our Valentine’s meal. I hadn’t seen him on Thursday so headed up to Ipswich on Saturday morning. After the previous meal at Loch Fyne, we had already planned going there for Valentine’s – and like before, it certainly didn’t disappoint. With it being a Saturday evening this time round, we had too book and it was a lot busier, which made for a livelier atmosphere. And with it being Valentine’s, each table was candlelit, with a red rose.
What we drank:
Jake – coke
Me – large glass of Pinot Grigio followed by Disaronno & coke
What we ate:
Jake - 28-Day Aged Chargrilled West Country Sirloin Steak (served with twice-cooked chips) followed by raspberry sorbet (other flavours were lemon and mango & passion fruit)
Me - Thai Green Curry (with monkfish, king prawns and cashew nuts. Served with Thai fragrant rice) followed by crème brûlée (served with shortbread)
Because it was still ‘Valentine’s Weekend’ there was a set menu on offer, priced at £34.95 per person. This included a glass of champagne on arrival and three courses, followed by coffee and chocolate truffles. Although it was a reasonable price, there was nothing specifically that caught my eye and because I can very rarely manage three courses, decided it would be better to choose from the a la carte menu.
If you’ve seen my recipe posts, or follow me on Twitter, you’ll know I love my Thai cuisine, although I don’t actually like curry. A friend of mine had also recommended it to me and as the only Thai curries I’ve had have been chicken or beef, this was a little different. Obviously being a restaurant specialising in fish, it contained monkfish and king prawns. It was honestly the best Thai curry I’ve ever had – absolutely divine! At first, it appeared as if the portion was on the small side and obviously you’re paying for the produce (which is quality), but I was soon full up! I couldn’t really manage dessert, but remembering how good the crème brûlée was last time, I just had to have it again.
Jake went for the steak because he doesn’t like fish or seafood (funny considering the restaurant) and there are limited options for those fussy eaters: burgers and vegetarian option being the only alternatives. It looked amazing though and cooked perfection, so it was a good choice he made.
All in all, it was a lovely evening and despite being a lot busier this time round, the staff were still really attentive and our waitress was speedy, ensuring we had everything we needed. Hopefully, this’ll become our new ‘date night’ restaurant.
Pre-meal picture taking. My dress is £25 from AX Paris

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Graze: 09.01.13

In this box I got:
·         Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl (yogurt blueberry raisins, raspberry infused cranberries and blackcurrants)
·         Salsa Fresca (cheesy sombreros and tomato salsa)
·         Fruit & Seed Flapjack
·         The British Barbecue (rosemary crostini, mini basil breadsticks, fiery seeds and smoked almonds)
·        Scrumptious Blueberry Swirl boasts a ‘one of your five a day’ green apple symbols and it is exactly what it says on the box – scrumptious! I generally eat a lot of fruit anyway but when I’m craving something sweet, this does the job. The blueberry yogurt raisins are my favourite, mainly because I’m not a fan of plain raisins on their own – I could eat punnet after punnet of these though! They aren’t too sweet either and go with the other dried fruits well. It’s the third time I’ve had this in my box and it never disappoints – it’s probably in my top 10 Graze snacks! LOVE

·        I’m a big fan of the dippers, whether they’re savoury or sweet, but the savoury ones generally are a good accompaniment to a tin of soup on a winter’s lunch time. At only 51 calories, which is boasted by the ‘I’m extra light’ badge, Salsa Fresca contains a tomato salsa dip and cheesy sombreros, which are pretty similar to rice crackers. The dippers aren’t too overpowering and with the salsa aren’t very cheesy at all. Compared to the other nibbles on offer, Salsa Fresca isn’t amazing and you’re not like “wow” when you open it up – but there’s always fun in dipping! LIKE

·        I absolutely adore the flapjack and although fruit and seed didn’t sound particularly exciting, I was pleasantly surprised and it was in fact, yummy. The thing I like most about the flapjack portions are that they are pre-cut into three finger-size pieces. They’re so good for sharing – and I normally do. Each punnet contains 225kcal, so I often opt for half (112kcal) and if I’m really trying to have a good day, a single finger (75kcal). LIKE

·        The British Barbecue epitomises summer in a punnet, which is why it was previously in a summer collection. The mixture of heat in the seeds, smoky sweetness of the almonds and herby breadsticks and croutons make it the perfect selection of nibbles and easily cure the craving for salty or savoury snacks. One of my all time favourites – although I always eat each ingredient individually! LOVE

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Birthday treat: Vivienne Westwood earrings

So last month was my birthday and as usual the “what would you like?” question came up in conversation between me and my boyfriend. With Christmas obviously just gone as well, there was nothing specific I wanted or needed so I told him to revert back to the Christmas list I gave him. I’d put a couple of links to the earrings section of the Vivienne Westwood website but did have another browse. He must get bored of forever buying me jewellery, especially as I always keep it for special occasions in case it gets lost, broken or stolen!
There were three pairs I had my eye on, so let him choose his favourite, as I wasn’t too fussed which of the three I had. Before I reveal the pair he chose, the other two are:
Love orb earrings silver - £85.00
Mini bas relief earrings - £70.00
The pair he eventually chose are:
Tiny diamante heart studs - £60.00
As you can see from the picture, they came in quite a big box and once I’d opened the box they were inside the cute pouch. They are smaller than what I had expected but I’m always really bad at judging sizes. I’m in love with them already though and love how the orb motif is still incorporated in them. They’re not too over-the-top sparkly either, and are really pretty.
Like I said, I’m already worried about losing them, so haven’t worn them yet – but I am planning to, when we go out for Valentine’s dinner at the weekend. I wonder if I’ll wear them more than the Tiffany hearts I got a couple of years back – I love heart earrings!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Restaurant review: Catch

Where we ate:
Catch, Queens Road, Buckhurst Hill
So last month I wrote about my first visit to Catch in Buckhurst Hill. I went again last Friday night and if it was even remotely possible, this meal was even better! Three of us went this time and although we were positioned appropriately next to the dance floor, we were soon given the option to sit elsewhere, due to a cancellation.
Like the previous time, Nicky was really friendly and came over to speak to us a couple of times. That’s the sign of a good restaurant I think, when the owner genuinely has time for all their diners and it’s one of the best things about Catch. Again, there was a singer and I think that’s commonplace for a Friday evening service. Molly Rainford, of Britain’s Got Talent fame was also singing, alongside the main act.
It wasn’t as busy as last time, but I can only assume that’s because there was no big party and obviously there were a couple of last-minute cancellations. This made it a lot easier to talk though and I didn’t feel so drowned out by the music.
What we drank:
Kim – Lime & soda followed by diet coke
Me – Rossinis
Nad – vodka & cokes
Last time I sampled the Bellini (a classic cocktail of champagne and peach puree) and I continued to work my way through the cocktail menu this time. I went for the Rossini (champagne and strawberry liquor) and it was absolutely beautiful – to the extent I had two!
What we ate:
Kim – Garlic & chilli prawns with a side of chunky chips, followed by sticky toffee pudding with ice cream
Me – Crispy fried calamari with a house mixed salad, followed by smashed meringue with seasonal fruits
Nad – Cod and chunky chips with baked beans, followed by chocolate ice cream

Smashed Meringue
After looking at the menu online after the previous visit (and Friday afternoon!) and I already knew I was going to go for the calamari. It’s one of those things I only ever eat on holiday (it’s a kind of must-have tapas dish in Spain) and I absolutely love it! It was served in a little metal basket (like the side order of chips and I’m assuming a number of other starters) and there were even some tentacle bits hiding in the portion – which are my absolute faves (yes, I’m a little weird). I made an excellent choice, I must admit and even though I had ordered from the starter menu, there was more than enough and I was glad I’d got an accompanying salad and not anything heavy and carb-based.
Sticky Toffee Pudding
For dessert I went for the smashed meringue again and it was a lot nicer than the last time. This time the fruit was raspberries, not blueberries and it was basically just a really nice Eton mess. Kim made an even better choice with the sticky toffee pudding and it looked amazing (and was presented beautifully). I know I said it last time, but next time I will be definitely be sampling the brioche bread and butter pudding!
Again, it was a really lovely evening and I can have no complaints about the meal or ambience at all. I’m already looking forward to my next visit – who knows, maybe it’ll end up being a monthly treat!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Restaurant review: Pizza Express

Where we ate:
Pizza Express, Regatta Quay, Ipswich
So last Saturday my boyfriend took me out for dinner and the place we usually go to together is Pizza Express. We both love it there and I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad pizza (or salad!) so I was looking forward to it.
We were hoping to go to the restaurant in town, but on arrival we found that they were only taking bookings in the evening, so instead took the short walk to the docks – which, to be honest, was a good decision. For starters, the view is so much better; day or night it’s beautiful down on the quayside. Particularly in the evening, it makes a lovely walk, post-meal.
What we drank:
Jake – Appletiser
Me – Diet coke
What we ate:
Doughballs to start
Jake – Classic Sloppy Giuseppe with extra chicken
Me – Pollo ad Astra Leggera
Whenever we go to Pizza Express together, we always order the same thing. The doughballs are amazing – so soft and fluffy and always really hot. They must be popular though, because they’re even on the dessert menu now (with an accompanying Nutella dip). For someone like me, with a sweet tooth, they’re a must have (although I’m still yet to try them).
When it comes to eating out, I generally avoid pasta because at home I eat so little – I always find the portion sizes at restaurants a little overwhelming. I can never finish a whole pizza either so the Leggera pizzas for me are just perfect. The base is thin and they cut the middle out and replace it with a rocket salad, topped with tomatoes, ricotta and light house dressing. At under 500 calories too, it’s great for the health-conscious too! It’s nowhere near as heavy as a standard pizza, so it’s more than a good enough reason to also have dessert!
One of other good things about Pizza Express is the offers you can sign up for. On your birthday, you’ll receive a code for a free bottle of wine or prosecco (usually £19.95) and there are often other offers like a pizza for £2.50 (you have to buy another main course though, I think) and three courses for £12.95 (choosing from a set menu). Perfect.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sweet Treats: apple & raisin crumble

On a winter’s day, for me there is no better dessert than a crumble, and as our neighbour recently gave us a fair amount of apples from her garden, I decided to use them and make an apple crumble. I half used Delia’s recipe from her ‘Complete Cookery Course’ book and also improvised using my own methods.
I adapted the basic crumble topping recipe, which is:
225g plain flour
75g butter (at room temperature)
75g soft brown sugar
and went for my own topping, which is my absolute favourite:
200g plain flour
25g oats
25g chopped nuts
75g butter
75g soft brown sugar
Nuts and oats make a great topping for crumble, and add a lovely crunch. I always sprinkle extra on top (with more sugar) to make it really crisp.
For the filling, I used the apples which had already been peeled and softened. I cooked them in a saucepan with a handful of raisins, a tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of cinnamon.
The actual recipe calls for:
900g apples (peeled, cored and sliced)
75g raisins
25g soft brown sugar
1 tsp ground cinnamon
¼ tsp ground cloves
2 tbs water
For the topping:
·         Start with the flour and add the butter
·         Using your fingertips, rub the butter into the flour
·         Add the sugar (and any other dried ingredients) and combine
·         Set aside
For the filling:
·         Place the apples, raisins, sugar and spices in a saucepan
·         Add the water and cook gently until the apples are soft and fluffy
·         Spoon the mixture into the dish
·         Add the topping, making sure it’s evenly spread but not pressed down flat
You will need to cook the crumble for 30-40 minutes on gas mark 4.

I served mine with custard (unfortunately not homemade – but Waitrose ‘low fat’) but on a sunnier day, it’s just as beautiful with ice cream.