Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Instagram #17

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Happy Birthday Rob – Teatro Politeama, Palermo – Cattedrale di Palermo – Absidi at the Duomo di Monreale – All of the carbs on the final night in Palermo – Third time lucky admiring the views – Another shot of beautiful Monreale – What’s in my hand luggage? – Throwback Thursday: Skinny like this again, please – Roses ready selfie – Blossoms & Stone Roses at Wembley with Ashley – Happy Father’s Day

Firstly, apologies for the lack of social interaction lately. This round-up seems so long ago now, but there’s not too much of note to cover. I’ve not really had much Insta Inspiration, as I’ve not done much – but I would like this to change.

June 2nd was my brother’s birthday – we didn’t do anything as he doesn’t tend to celebrate birthdays. This was good as it was the day that Ashley and I flew to Palermo for four nights. A break from work for both of us was definitely needed and we had such a good time. You can find out what we got up to day-by-day in my post: City Hopping | Palermo. We did plenty of walking and sightseeing, as well as eating and drinking (read more: dining). And you can also see what was in my hand luggage.

After a weekend in Dunstable, which consisted of a wedding reception on the Friday night, a garden party on the Saturday and then a journey into London on the Sunday to catch up with friends over a Wagamamas and walk around Hyde Park, the following weekend was the one I was looking most forward to!

Ashley bought us tickets for the Stone Roses back in October and because he’s not good with surprises, he told me straight away... so you can imagine how excitable I was for the best part of nine months! It was such a good afternoon and evening – and I will eventually be blogging about it. Again, apologies – I have lots of content and not enough time. The weather that day was lush and we made it to the stadium and our seats in time for the second support act. I still can’t believe he bought me tickets, as he knew I wasn’t able to get tickets last time – and I realise I have LOTS of making up to do!

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Final night blow-out at Il Mirto e La Rosa, Palermo

Dining, Review, Palermo, Il Mirto e La Rosa, Restaurant, Sicily, FdBloggers
Dining, Review, Palermo, Il Mirto e La Rosa, Restaurant, Sicily, FdBloggers
On our final night in Palermo, we ate at another Trip Advisor find: Il Mirto e La Rosa (The Myrtle & the Rose) - a very typical Italian restaurant, not too far from Politeama.

The best way to describe the restaurant is olde-worlde, not in a derogatory sense, just that the decor is quirky and the architecture and furnishings, quaint. The archways between each dining area are adorned with frescos of myrtles and roses, while old books and roses hang from the ceilings. The restaurant is incredibly spacious and extends a long way back - keeping the staff incredibly busy, which may explain the level of service we received... but more on that later.
Dining, Review, Palermo, Il Mirto e La Rosa, Restaurant, Sicily, FdBloggers
Dining, Review, Palermo, Il Mirto e La Rosa, Restaurant, Sicily, FdBloggers
As it was the final night, I decided to go all-out and have pasta - something I would never order in a restaurant! The portion sizes are always far too large for me and at home, I cannot eat white pasta. Il Mirto e La Rosa do a fantastic job of catering to dietary needs though and there's a whole section of the menu dedicated to those that can't eat gluten - with free versions of most (if not, all) of their pasta dishes. The spaghetti with clams immediately caught my eye and it definitely lived up to my expectations! There were plenty of clams, cooked in a beautiful white wine, garlic and herb sauce - and although there was far too much spaghetti for me (I usually only eat about 50g), it was cooked perfectly. Ashley chose the fillet of pork with apple sauce and that's exactly what arrived to the table - no other accompaniments. When I've been to restaurants abroad, main meat dishes have often come with some form of potatoes and a small side of vegetables or salad - but this was literally just a plate of meat. I honestly think I was as disappointed as he was - especially as there was no indication on the menu and the waitress didn't ask if he wanted any sides or accompaniments. The dish was presented well, but in essence, was only half-done.

Like the title suggests, it was a final night blow-out and we both decided to have dessert. Unfortunately, this is where the service continues to deteriorate - after a long wait, we had to ask to see the dessert menu as we weren't offered anything else to eat or drink and the menu didn't automatically come to the table. However, the list was extensive and each offering came with a recommended after-dinner drink - which I thought was a great idea, even after a bottle of wine.
Dining, Review, Palermo, Il Mirto e La Rosa, Restaurant, Sicily, FdBloggers
Dining, Review, Palermo, Il Mirto e La Rosa, Restaurant, Sicily, FdBloggers
I had the pistachio parfait with calvados cream and crushed pistachios - alongside a shot of calvados, which I simply could not shot in one go! The parfait was creamy, not too rich and just the right consistency. The calvados cream was subtle and I polished off the dish incredibly quickly! Ash chose the orange & pistachio mousse with dark chocolate and shot of Cointreau - which he managed to down in one! I'm not a fan of chocolate orange, or orange-based desserts generally, but the mousse looked light and lovely.

Trying to get the waitress' attention to get the bill was a bit of nightmare and we needed to ask twice before actually receiving it. A shame, as everything but the service was fine, in my opinion - and the cost of the meal was more than reasonable. Would I recommend the restaurant? Possibly. Would I return? I doubt it.

Love, Lucy xx

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Proper Pizzas & Local Wine at Pizzeria La Duchessa, Palermo

Pizzeria, La Duchessa, Palermo, Sicily. Restaurant, Review, FdBloggers, Foodies
Pizzeria, La Duchessa, Palermo, Sicily. Restaurant, Review, FdBloggers, Foodies
On our second day, we walked down Via Principe di Belmonte several times and there were plenty of restaurants down that street and the surrounding ones to choose from - the majority being pizzerias or trattorias serving traditional Sicilian cuisine. As I'd chosen our meal at QuattroVenti the night before, I let Ashley choose where we ate - and he suggested Pizzeria La Duchessa. This was perfect as we'd spent the day exploring the city and nearby town, Monreale, so were dressed in casual daytime clothes, but the restaurant is informal and we even ate al fresco.

As we ate outside, I couldn't comment on the restaurant, but the outdoor area was nice enough - we were sheltered from the sun and thankfully the street wasn't too busy so we didn't feel interrupted at any point. We ate a bit earlier than typical Italian dinner time, so there were only two other couples eating - most likely, also tourists - so the service remained consistently good.

Being predominantly a pizzeria, there were so many options to choose from - three pages of the menu, in fact - and this wasn't just toppings... you could have a traditional base, Sicilian base or stuffed crust. Both Ashley and I chose the same pizza and as soon as we ordered, realised we should have probably chosen two different ones and shared. Believe me, it was hard making a decision; there were about four different varieties I had my eye on - but the one we chose was very good.

We chosen Sicilian style Sicilian: a thin crisp base, topped with mozzarella, mushrooms, tomato, salami and red onion. There was even some crisp Parma ham in the middle! Now, I absolutely love pizza in Italy and once you've had it, pizzas at home (whether homemade, takeaway or shop-bought) do not compare! I've had pizzas in both Lake Garda and Verona and this was just as good as then (maybe even better than the one I had in Verona!). Of course, being Italy, there's no scrimping on the portion size and the pizza was huge, with plenty of toppings. Needless to say I struggled to manage it all and ate about three-quarters before giving the rest to Ash.

We accompanied our pizzas with a really gorgeous local wine. As well the standard wine menu, there was a separate card showcasing local wineries. We opted for a rosé, which was fruity but not too sweet - and complemented the meaty toppings well. It was also reasonably priced at about 16-18.

For a casual lunch or dinner, I'd recommend La Duchessa. The pizzas were great, local wine went down a treat and the service throughout was good. I don't think any of the waiting staff are Sicilian, but nothing was too much trouble and we were well looked after. Their English was also excellent. We had seen online about there being a little dog, who sat outside the restaurant without bothering diners or passers-by - he was very well behaved and not a nuisance at all. It's a shame we weren't staying longer, as I am sure we would have returned - especially as there were so many pizzas to sample!

Love, Lucy xx

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Comfort food at QuattroVenti, Palermo

QuattroVenti, Comfort Food, Palermo, Sicily, FdBloggers, Travel, Restaurant, Review
Before going away, I did some quick research into places to go for dinner, as the majority of restaurants were towards the city centre - some 2.5km from our hotel - and one place stood out amongst the rest: QuattroVenti. Luckily, once in Palermo, we were able to reserve a table via the booking app on Trip Advisor, making it so much easier than calling, or failing to book and being turned away! I'm glad we did book though, being a Saturday night, it was busy!

The restaurant prides itself on fresh ingredients and comfort food, with a lot of the options on the menu being described as "slow food" (nope, I still don't know what that means either!) and having been unable to find a translated menu online in the lead up to the evening, I was very much looking forward to seeing what would be on offer.

First things first - the restaurant is absolutely beautiful. The decor is really modern and sophisticated, yet the ambience is almost that of a typical trattoria. This is perfect for couples dining, as it has that really cosy level of intimacy, without having the tables so close together you're intruding others. As you enter the restaurant, there's an extensive bar down one side; while the restaurant is split into two sections - one of which must be group friendly. I immediately felt comfortable, the staff's English was almost perfect, with a great level of service to match.

As well as the a la carte menu, there were also two taster menus: a land-based option and a sea-based option, with optional wine pairings, should you wish. These needed to be ordered for the whole table and with about four courses on offer, we gave this a miss. It was reasonably priced though, when comparing to the a la carte menu.
QuattroVenti, Comfort Food, Palermo, Sicily, FdBloggers, Travel, Restaurant, Review
I let Ashley choose the wine and I can't remember what it was exactly, but it was a white wine, which wasn't too dry and complemented our choice of meals perfectly. And it's a good job we didn't order starters, as there was no chance of going hungry. It wasn't long before two cute wooden boxes arrived to the table - one with breadsticks and the other, assorted bread rolls. Because I don't eat white bread, I only had two breadsticks - however, I could not resist when another waiter brought some pizza rolls over. They were just too good to resist: fresh dough, chopped tomatoes (that actually tasted like tomato!) and topped with herbs. Thankfully, my dinner was carb-free...
QuattroVenti, Comfort Food, Palermo, Sicily, FdBloggers, Travel, Restaurant, Review
I chose the fish of the day, which I honestly could not translate - but it was a meaty fish, similar to a tuna steak. It was so fresh and came served in an aromatic broth with pak choy, red peppers & chilli and coriander cress. It was such a simple and light dish, executed well and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Ashley chose the risotto, which was packed full of vegetables including artichoke, broad beans and peas, with ricotta and fragranced with orange. It was basically summer on a plate - really vibrant in colour. There were a lot more fish options than meat, so be aware if that's not your thing!
QuattroVenti, Comfort Food, Palermo, Sicily, FdBloggers, Travel, Restaurant, Review
Once our empty plates were taken away and we decided on viewing the dessert menu, a plate of amaretti biscuits and almond biscotti were served - my favourite! It was a lovely touch and the only restaurant we ate at that provided little extras - well worth the cover charge, in my opinion! We both decided we couldn't manage a dessert each and luckily, we both had our eyes on the same one: the apple tart. Layers of pastry and apple merged to form a really beautiful looking flower and the tart was served in a pool of cinnamon custard and topped with vanilla ice cream. The dessert wasn't too rich and the cinnamon custard was absolutely heavenly, just thin enough. As much as I enjoyed it, there's no way I could have managed a whole bowl to myself.

In all, it was a really lovely evening: good food, wine, ambience and company - certainly worthy of its praise online. I think I would go as far as saying it was my favourite meal in Palermo and the restaurant just suited me, if that makes sense?

Love, Lucy xx

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

City Hopping | Palermo

Palermo, Sicily, Italy, TBloggers, Travel, City Hopping, Wanderlust
Palermo, Sicily, Italy, TBloggers, Travel, City Hopping, Wanderlust
Palermo, Sicily, Italy, TBloggers, Travel, City Hopping, Wanderlust
Day 1
On our first day, we walked nearly 20km and saw most of the city's sights by foot. Our hotel was around 2.5km from Politeama, in the heart of the city. This was our first stop of the day, where we sat and admired the piazza and teatro. Going down any of the side roads, you're not short of cafes, restaurants and shops - although the high-end brands are all down Via della Liberte. The buildings and architecture was truly beautiful and the day's highlights included Teatro Massimo, Catedrale di Palermo, Quattro Canti (a beautiful baroque square, octagonal in shape, with facades and fountains in four of the diagonal corners) and San Giuseppe dei Teatini (another church). We even went out further to the port, along the front - although there weren't any cruise ships docked, mainly freightliners.

Palermo, Sicily, Italy, TBloggers, Travel, City Hopping, Wanderlust
Palermo, Sicily, Italy, TBloggers, Travel, City Hopping, Wanderlust
Palermo, Sicily, Italy, TBloggers, Travel, City Hopping, Wanderlust
Day 2
Although we had already seen the majority of the sights on foot, we jumped on the 'Hop On Hop Off' tourist bus today. For 25pp, we had 24 hour access to two routes, as well as the option of visiting neighbouring town, Monreale. We decided to sit on the bus the whole way round - no need to get off as we'd seen everything! - from the central point of Politeama, before switching to a different bus to visit Monreale. It was a beautiful little town and very quiet (possibly as it was Sunday), with narrow, steep cobbled streets and more examples of ornate architecture. Here, we saw the Cathedral and although we didn't go inside, from the outside, it was spectacular. The views across the city were also incredible and it was nice to look out, take some panoramas and get some air. We spent two hours here, but it's easy to spend longer - just getting lost down the winding streets, or relaxing with an Aperol in one of the bars.

Palermo, Sicily, Italy, TBloggers, Travel, City Hopping, Wanderlust
Palermo, Sicily, Italy, TBloggers, Travel, City Hopping, Wanderlust
Day 3
Today, we walked further out from the city centre... I wanted to see Palermo's football ground, which was actually really underwhelming - on a main road, it looked quite run down and we didn't enter the gates. Ashley also wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, on Piazza Vittorio Veneto. We'd gone past it en route from the airport to hotel and although it's a bit out-the-way, it's worth a glimpse, for the sheer magnitude of the obelisk. Later on in the day, we took the metro to the Catacombe di Cappuccini, following a recommendation from one of Ash's clients. Now, here's where I sound really ignorant - but I had no idea what a catacomb was, so didn't know what to expect. Going underground was certainly an experience, but it's the sort of place you can't really spend more than half an hour - I found it very eerie.

Of course, we ate and drank a lot and my next three posts will reveal which restaurants we went to.

Have you been to Palermo before? Share your recommendations below.

Love, Lucy xx

Thursday, 8 June 2017

What's in my Hand Luggage?

Fiorelli, Handbag, Shoeaholics, What's in my bag, Holiday
Fiorelli, Handbag, Shoeaholics, What's in my bag, Holiday
Tonight’s post will be the first of five about my recent holiday to Palermo, as I share what’s in my hand luggage.

I’ve needed a new handbag for absolutely ages – I alternate between my Kurt Geiger and Ted Baker ones for work, but they are both in a not very good condition because they’re used so regularly. It’s going to be a while before I manage to buy the Mulberry I want, so I saw this beauty when shopping for sandals on Shoeaholics. The bag by Fiorelli is such a good size for an everyday handbag, especially with the different compartments (perfect for someone like me who’s organised, verging on OCD) – however, for holiday, I do prefer an over-sized bag and did find it quite small. So let’s find out what’s inside...
Fiorelli, Handbag, Shoeaholics, What's in my bag, Holiday
Travel Documents
Of course, passports and boarding passes are a necessity and I looked after both mine and Ashley’s. Usually when I go away, I take a plastic wallet with me to hold everything in, currency included and other documentation. I love to collect tickets and leaflets to accompany my travel journal and/or photo albums so it’s a good place to keep everything in one place before returning and getting creative.

I pack two purses: my ‘English’ one and my ‘Holiday’ one – the latter is a gorgeous little kitty from Ivy Joan. I am one of those people who takes all of their cards away, too, for no particular reason. Obviously the credit card comes in handy at Duty Free and the bar... but do I really need my House of Fraser or Holland & Barrett cards?!

Travel Supplies
I always pack face wipes and/or a hydration spray to keep my skin in good condition, while on the plane. Anti-bacterial hand gel is always a must and that along with the wipes came in handy on the return flight when my feet were swollen. Despite having 20kg of luggage to check-in, I still felt the need to pack two of my favourite Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks, a couple of travel-sized hair products, my trusty cocoa butter Vaseline and some sun tan lotion.

My Line-A-Day diary comes with me everywhere, so I can update it while away. Sometimes I take my every day diary with me, but on this occasion, didn’t feel the need to. I also pack my blogging notebook to make bullet points of restaurants eaten at and places we visited, or things we saw. This makes Trip Advisor reviews and content for the blog easy to compile once I am home.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am currently reading The Girl on the Train and I was hoping to finish it by the time I came back from holiday. Obviously, when we were in Palermo, there was no time for reading – but I knew I’d get a fair bit read on the plane, as the flight was just under three hours. I did manage to read a lot on the outbound flight, but on the return, I was so tired (we landed just after midnight) and agitated, I just couldn’t.

Polaroid Camera
It doesn’t matter whether I’m away for a weekend, several nights or weeks, I always take my Polaroid on my travels so I can document my trips, to go in my travel journal. I’ll also take a spare pack of paper, in case I run out, and the charger – which I’m glad I did this time, as on the first day, the battery was dead and I was so disappointed! I love returning, captioning the snaps and making my journal look pretty – it’s going to be so good once it’s finished!

Keep an eye out for the next few posts and let me know what you can’t be without when you go on holiday!

Love, Lucy xx

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

New Hair by Panache

New Hair, Ombre, Salon, Panache, Panache Hair Salon, Hutton, Essex,
New Hair, Ombre, Salon, Panache, Panache Hair Salon, Hutton, Essex,
Hi lovelies, a short post this evening as I show off my new hair, which I absolutely love! I've known my hairdresser for over 20 years and I honestly couldn't imagine anyone else cutting/colouring my hair. She's styled it for two proms as well as the regular cuts, and the colours I've had since I was about 17.

At a similar time last year, I was in need of a drastic change. My natural hair colour growing up was a lovely bright blonde, which soon turned to mousy brown as I got older. I just find it so boring and dull, which is why I colour my hair at least three times a year. I decided to get my hair dip-dyed - keeping the root the same and adding a lighter colour to the ends. For me, this was quite a big thing, as I've always gone one colour with highlights - but I loved it! Until it grew out and I was constantly told "I love your ombré hair" - when in fact, I had major roots!

This time round, I didn't want to be as blonde and Leila suggested using a darker colour on my root and then just lightening the ends with a toner. I mentioned I was going away to Sicily and the sun would make it lighter anyway - but she also recommended lemon juice to help bring out the colour.

I decided on a chocolate brown on my root, which was perfect and not too dark. This kept the look natural and the change of colour blended well, rather than having a shade too dark and seeing that 'stripe' effect. The colour is so glossy and I'm so pleased with it. The ends aren't as light as I was expecting - but believe me, this is a good thing! Leila finished off the look with a curly blowdry, which really showed off the colour - and I've had my hair curly, or up ever since, but I will eventually straighten it.

I'll end the post by recommending Panache in Hutton for all your hair and beauty needs. Luke has done an amazing job in completely refurbishing the salon, from a dated and dingy place, to one that's modern, with luxe and glamorous decor. The prices are reasonable and you can even enjoy a chilled glass of wine while you wait. In the back room, Chloe has her Beauty Suite and she also does an amazing job of shaping/tinting my brows. Whether you're in need of a pamper, or have an event or occasion to go to, the team at Panache are fabulous - and so talented at what they do.

What do you think of my new look?

Love, Lucy xx

Thursday, 1 June 2017

May Favourites

LBloggers, BBloggers, Favourites, L'Occitane, Charlotte Tilbury, Soap & Glory, Books, Netflix
LBloggers, BBloggers, Favourites, L'Occitane, Charlotte Tilbury, Soap & Glory, Books, Netflix
Eek - how are we halfway through the year already? Pinch punch, I'll begin the first day of the month with my May Favourites.

I've been meaning to blog about the Charlotte Tilbury Miracle Eye Wand* for absolutely ages now - so what better way to introduce it than a favourites post? It really is a miracle and one I've been using every day for the past five or so weeks. It works wonders on tired eyes, covering dark circles with ease. On first use, it was difficult to apply the product, as it took quite a few turns and ended up releasing too much cream and concealer - but after a couple of uses, it's so easy and you really don't need many clicks, or much product. I'll admit, the eye cream is no better than the Espa one I use at night, but I absolutely adore the concealer, which also easily blends into my foundation. I'd certainly buy this, or a CT concealer, again.

This month I was forced to use a new brow product, when my pencil unexpectedly ran out on a WORK day and Boots by work (Tollgate) DID NOT stock my usual. But it does mean I have a new favourite - step forward Soap & Glory Archery 2-in-1 Sculpting Crayon & Setting Gel. I've used Soap & Glory pencils before, but definitely prefer the consistency and application of the crayon. I was also previously using a setting gel (Benefit's Ready Set Brow) so glad this combines two of the necessary products for perfect brows. I bought the shade Blonde Ambition, which is actually their lightest shade, but surprisingly matches my natural brows. I could not be happier with my replacement - soz, not soz Collection.

Another product I've been loving is the L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil, which previously appeared on my blog in a review post (read more: Iris de Mouy pour L’Occitane). As mentioned in that post, I've been using it as a bath oil once a week. I love that it leaves my skin so smooth and thoroughly moisturised - particularly when bathing in summer can leave my skin dry and irritated.

I'm ending the post with two very random additions, which will make you ask "where the hell have you been lately?!" I am currently reading The Girl on the Train and refuse to watch the film until I've read it all. It's coming with me to Sicily, so I should get a bit of plane reading in - and pray I finish it by the time I'm back so I can finally watch the film. I won't lie, it took me a few pages to get into, because I wasn't completely following - but I am now genuinely hooked and cannot put it down.

Something else I'm currently totally hooked on is Thirteen Reasons Why, the popular Netflix series. I don't actually have Netflix, which is why it's taken me so long to find out about it. But I started watching it last weekend with Ashley and we managed to get about eight episodes in. I guess it's still a monthly favourite, right? We are trying to predict who the final eps are about and I can't help but think one of the former 'suspects' will return (largely because I don't think I could name five new characters). Apparently, there will also be a second series, which I'm super excited about - although without watching the end, I don't know how it'd work? Don't spoil it for me, guys! We also need something to watch afterwards, so please leave your recommendations below.

What were your May favourites?

Love, Lucy xx

*Contains PR samples but all thoughts and words are my own

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Instagram #16

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Catch-up & dinner at Brickyard, Romford - Another monthly favourites - Enjoying lunch in the sunshine at work - Sunday afternoon at Mini Golf - My self-imposed spending ban - Pizza & Monopoly night at Ashley's parents - Snapchat filters getting me through bad hair/face days - Remembering daddy one year on - New flowers at the burial ground - Thursday Mr Whippy work treat - New hair for summer

I am so glad that this round-up is just before I go away - I think my Insta will definitely be all things Palermo at the end of the week... also I am so bloody excited to be going away! It's time again to find out what I've been up to recently...

Just over three weeks ago, I caught up with my lovely friend Vicky and the four of us (Callum and Ashley came too!) went to Brickyard in Romford for dinner. We hadn't been for ages but it was as good as I remembered - despite all the changes. All week, leading up to the meal, I had been ill, but didn't let that deter me. Catch-up, cocktails and some good food was much needed (read more: Two-for-One Saturday night fun at Brickyard, Romford).

The weather has been so gorgeous lately, not that you'd know with my properly English skin. But I have really been enjoying my lunches in the work garden - or better, walking to the park with Poppy and just relaxing for an hour. I've also had a couple of days off recently, so have been making the most of them, too.

Two weekends ago now, Ashley was here and decided we should go out for the afternoon - suggesting mini golf. There's a course in Brentwood at King George's park, but instead we drove to Moby Golf, which is between Romford and Chadwell Heath. It was so much fun and good to get out for a couple of hours. Needless to say, I was useless and lost with a score of 67 (I think par was 41)... it's all about the taking part anyway!

More recently, we stayed at Ashley's parents, which was nice as we hadn't seen them for a while. We just had a chilled night in with wine, takeaway pizza and Monopoly... and for once, I didn't win. Also, how cute is my giraffe?!

Last Wednesday saw the anniversary of my dad's death and I honestly feel so loved by family, friends and the blogging community. The reception to my post was actually heart-warming and I'm so pleased with how it was received - and I'm hoping it helps others in a similar situation (read more: One Year On...). As I mentioned in the post, I took the day off work and spent two hours at the burial ground, taking a picnic and some flowers with me. Although I felt okay for the majority of the day, I actually appreciated having the day to myself.

And finally, I got my hurr did for summer! I was getting so bored of my natural hair colour, as I hadn't got it dyed permanently since last summer - despite the good condition it was in, it was just so dull and lifeless. I'll be posting about it next week, so keep your eyes peeled. But for those interested, I've gone back to ombré.

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

Thursday, 25 May 2017

How I stay organised

When it comes to organisation, sometimes I think I verge on having some form of OCD. But trying to juggle a 42.5 hour working week with a commute of 400 miles, a social life, relationship and blog, I have to keep on top of things. There are some evenings I get in late, feel like I've got nothing done - maybe time goes too quickly - or had time to myself. So how do I stay organised?

Every year I have a diary, in fact it's a Christmas requirement. Because it isn't just a place where I plan social events, I feel the need to track EVERYTHING! I love an A5 diary with additional sections (this one's from Paperchase), because those smaller-sized ones just aren't enough for me, or my large handwriting. In the back of this one I have my New Year's Resolutions, with monthly updates on how I'm doing; I track my finances, which proved helpful when I had my spending ban; I log my mileage for my car, because the last two years I've had it serviced early (like two/three months early); and I've even got a blog section with random ideas for posts and the ones I go ahead with, I date/schedule. The social calendar side of things is obviously very important and Ashley often asks "what are we doing on x weekend?" - hold on, while I refer to my bible!

To Do Lists
I got this To Do list in a YooHoo stationery box ages ago now and as soon as I received it, I knew I would laminate it so I could use it again and again - and what a fabulous idea that was! I update it weekly, although some of the items on the list are repetitive (blog posts, clothes away etc). There's nothing more satisfying than crossing items off a list, especially a long one. I also swear by lists at work and have those calendar-style ones so I know what I have to do each day. Again, I love crossing each thing off as I do it - and spend the first five minutes of the day working out a plan of action.

Meal Planning
Again, this particular chart is from a YooHoo box and when I was on my proper meal prep/healthy eating thang, I was using this every Sunday. I don't really use it as much these days, but there is a shared one downstairs that my mum updates. That one is a paper chart with tear-off sheets, which also comes with a pencil and shopping list, so you can write down the items you need as you plan your meals. The shared one is great as we can all make a note of when we aren't in for dinner, as well as make suggestions for shopping and meal ideas. When I'm most organised with my meal planning, I feel better. I've become quite lazy recently and whereas I'd previously cook every day, I now leave it to mum - and have found I'm actually eating more, because I haven't got a set plan. Maybe I'm not as organised as I thought!

How do you stay organised?

Love, Lucy xx

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

One Year On...

I will always remember when I was about 14 and like my friends, I had a MySpace account. There was a section titled ‘heroes’ and I wrote “my daddy – because he takes me to football and gigs”. He would always mention it, because it made him smile...

Another personal post tonight and strangely, I found it so easy to write – because although it’s a subject that’s difficult to talk about, it’s one that I love to talk about – even if it makes me feel contemplative, sad or even angry about afterwards. Tomorrow marks a year to the day my dad died.

If you’re a long-term follower of my blog or Twitter/Insta, you’ll know that my family are hugely important to me and my dad was no different. I honestly don’t think anyone really understood our relationship; one minute we could be like the best of friends and the next, totally at each other’s throats. Good traits and bad, I’m very much like him. I have his focus and grammar pedantry, as well as his food/holiday snobbery. We shared a love of football and influenced each other with our choice of music (film, not so much). He was also my blog’s biggest fan.

This past year has been nothing but milestones and on the whole, I think I’ve dealt with them okay. It’s the downtime when I over-think, or small things like a song, somebody on TV or even a photo or memory.
Father’s Day was only two days after the funeral and I think even at that point it hadn’t sunk in. My auntie and uncle were still over from Madrid and we went for a meal at The Viper, one of his favourite pubs. His birthday was July 9th and again, we celebrated with a meal at another of the pubs we frequented a fair bit: The Bell at Horndon-on-the-Hill. I was expecting Christmas to be really difficult, as we are a small family who have always had a traditional Christmas at home. We spent a few days in Madrid and my auntie and uncle made the time so special, it kept my mind off it. New Year was one of the times I got overly emotional – and I really don’t know why. Again, we’ve often spent the last evening of the year together, where we’d have a takeaway and watch a film or play a game before the bongs. I think I was okay most of the evening, it was the countdown that got me. And thankfully, my birthday wasn’t too bad to get through, as I was thoroughly spoilt – but while there were four of us at my birthday meal, it should have been five.

So tomorrow... the final milestone. I booked the day off work because I really didn’t fancy going in. The weather is supposed to be fine, so I will probably spend the day at the Burial Ground and take some lunch with me. I’ve actually not visited for a while, so I have so much to tell him. I’ll also have to get some fresh flowers to put in the pot. I was planning/hoping on getting some plants, but I’m not sure how the plot currently looks.
As time goes by, it does get easier – but the reality recently hit me when I saw the Rio Ferdinand documentary (if you didn’t watch it, I can highly recommend it). Like him, I never really spoke about it much. There are things like going to Barnet which aren’t the same, I don’t enjoy going on my own and the occasions that I have, I have felt anxious. When I have a bad day, I miss his humour. He never really met any of my friends, as they’re all in different circles and locations – and I’ve made some friends since that I wish he could have met. It makes me sad that he never met Ashley. And worst of all, even though my brother and I are now grown up, he won’t watch us progress and ‘properly adult’.

This post is now becoming a jumbled mess of words on a screen, so fairplay if you're still reading. And as I began my post with the introduction of my tribute, it's only fitting I end the same way.

...he complained he wouldn’t be home to watch the FA Cup final with me. So I went to visit and watched it on the tiny TV as I sat beside his bed. It cheered him up no end – but little did I know that would be our final memory. As I left, he kissed me on the cheek and said “I love you princess”. I love you too dad, sleep tight and thank you for being my hero.

Love, Lucy xx