Thursday, 30 March 2017

Sunday Brunch | Chocolate Protein Pancakes

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Protein pancakes are fast becoming my favourite weekend brunch food. We made them for the first time two weeks ago and they turned out fairly well, so gave them a go again last weekend. They’re incredibly easy to make and so filling. We usually stack them up and share a portion between us. You can of course use whatever flavour protein you have and then add an array of toppings. We kept it simple with yogurt and berries. But they are SO Instagrammable!

This recipe makes five pancakes.

·         1 banana
·         1 scoop whey protein (we used chocolate)
·         2 eggs
·         25g rolled oats

To serve
·         3 dessert spoons yogurt
·         Selection of berries (we used strawberries and blueberries)

·         Put the banana, whey protein, eggs and oats in a blender and blitz until it forms a batter
·         Heat coconut oil/fry light in a frying pan
·         Add two tablespoons of the mixture to the pan per pancake and cook on each side for a minute
·         Repeat until all the mixture has been used and stack
·         Serve with your choice of toppings

To make the pancakes perfectly round and equal size, I used a small frying pan designed to cook individual fried eggs. This worked loads better than a standard pan and it was easy to flip them, too. You can buy a similar one, here.

Please let me know if you try this, or any of my other recipes.

Love, Lucy xx

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Five ways I relax in the evening

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Anyone that follows me on social media will have noticed I’ve not been myself lately. I’ve been permanently tired, grumpy and negative. I shouldn’t let my mood at work affect my home life, relationship, friendships and the person I am on social media – but I have. I’ve felt stressed and anxious, to the point I’ve felt nauseous and I’ve felt as though I am not good enough. It’s been awful, as it’s left me physically and mentally exhausted. I’m always so keen to ensure everyone around me is okay, that I forget about myself – and to me, that’s normal. However, last year, I decided to start putting myself first and it’s the best thing I’ve done – so I’m going to start doing it again. This evening, I thought I’d share five of the things that help me relax when I get home from work.

(1) Hot Bath AND Candles
It may seem obvious, but there is nothing that solves your problems more than a hot bubble bath – and the more bubbles, the better. Lush products will always be my first choice, but at the moment I have this really gorgeous bath soak by Espa, which I love (review to come soon). Add candles and you can relax even more easily. I always have candles lit in my bedroom, but the one I keep in my bathroom stays there – I like both rooms to smell different. In case you’re wondering, the one in my bathroom is Eastern Promise by Heart & Home. It’s so warming.

(2) Adult Colouring
Honestly, I’ve never known anything so stress-relieving and it makes time fly... imagine two hours going by and you’ve only completed the smallest section of your picture. I’ve had my book for over a year, but have probably only completed eight full pages. It’s very therapeutic – although I do want to buy another book, as the patterns in my one are quite samey. I get bored easily. I don’t even get aggy when I go over the lines!

(3) Read a Book
It’s another way to while away the hours in an evening and it’s something I should really do more. I set myself the challenge before of reading a book every month for a year and I managed it, but I’m one of those people who enjoys reading far more on holiday! Ashley recently bought me The Girl on the Train because I wanted to see the film, but read the book first. I WILL get back into reading.

(4) Have a Hot Drink & Watch Something
Like the bath, there’s something comforting about anything hot. I love a mint or fruit tea, or if I’m feeling really bad, a hot milk & honey (I rarely have dairy, so you know something’s up). I’ll then put something on – either a film, stand-up show or get stuck into a series. Pretty Little Liars is next on my list... I can’t believe I’ve not watched it yet, either! I also love Modern Family. And I get wrapped up in my duvet, eventually falling asleep.

(5) Blog
Now this could go one of two ways, it could make me feel loads better, or loads worse. Let’s be honest, blogging can be stressful: the content writing, editing, taking photos, proofing, promoting... but I love writing. And I don’t necessarily mean posting relaxes me. But reading others’ blogs. I’ll read everything on my daily Bloglovin’ email and if I see a new link or post promoted on social media, I’ll read that too. I try and limit how much I use my laptop in the evening, as I spend all day in front of a screen. But for some reason, my brain is more active at night and I’ve been known before to wake up and take notes on ideas.

What tips have you got with dealing with stress and anxiety? I would love to know that I’m not alone.

Love, Lucy xx

Thursday, 23 March 2017

The Lion King at The Lyceum

Disney, London, Theatre, Lion King, Lyceum, West End, Covent Garden
Disney, London, Theatre, Lion King, Lyceum, West End, Covent Garden
If you read Tuesday’s post, you’ll know that last Saturday I went to see The Lion King at The Lyceum Theatre in London. I had actually been to The Lyceum before – and to see The Lion King – but Ash had never been. As he bought me tickets for Aladdin at Christmas, I promised I would take him to see the show of his choice and we ended up making an evening of it.

On one of the previous occasions I’d been, I remember sitting close to aisle and the excitement of seeing the animals make their way through the stalls. Thankfully when I bought the tickets, there were two seats available next to the aisle and I had to book them – promising Ash the aisle seat and the opportunity to touch the animals as they went past... I don’t think he was as excited as me! We were about five rows from the back but the views were absolutely fine. There was plenty of space, particularly compared to when we were at The Prince Edward. However, the temperature was far too hot and after the interval, starting verging on uncomfortable. By then, we were both tired too.

The beginning with forever be my favourite – the animals of Pride Rock making their way from the stalls to the stage, ready to bow down to Simba who is ready to be announced by Mufasa and Sarabi. I have to admit the other aisle got a better choice of animals, but it’s still so magical – and a first glimpse at all the amazing costumes and make up. So much time must go into making them, but it’s definitely one of the highlights of the show.

Because so much emphasis is put on the costumes, I did feel as though the stage was lacking. Pride Rock was pretty impressive, but more could have been made of the locations, rather than just different backdrops. I was expecting more props, although a lot of the time, the stage was filled with the cast. However, the puppetry was also amazing – from the strings being pulled on the costumes of the ensemble to move limbs of the animals, to the shadow puppets going across the stage at various points in the show.

The cast were fabulous – and there were so many young actors and actresses making their debuts in the West End. Young Simba and Nala (Theo Grant and Shaye Temple) were amazing, particularly given their large roles. The moment they both transformed into their adult characters was also brilliant. The three Hyenas were also hilarious; although in the Disney classic, they terrify me. As you’d expect, Timon and Pumbaa were hilarious and I loved how relevant the script was – there were a couple of jokes which the audience could relate to.

From the film, my favourite two songs are I Just Can't Wait to Be King and Hakuna Matata and they were performed so well. You couldn’t help but have a smile on your face, want to sing and clap along. During the former, young Simba and Nala emerged sat on giant colourful giraffes, which of course I loved. In fact, of all the animals in the ensemble, the giraffes were my favourite, with the gazelles a very close second – they were just so graceful.

It’s obvious to see why The Lion King has been successful for so many years... I think it’s now in its 18th year, which is impressive. I would definitely go back and see it again, because it’s one of those shows you could never get bored of. It’s so feel-good and just a classic! You can buy tickets for The Lion King from £27.70 and currently book until October this year. More details are here.

Love, Lucy xx

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Pre-Theatre Cocktails & Steak at Hawksmoor, Air Street

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On Saturday, we were back in London, as we were seeing The Lion King at The Lyceum Theatre. I was always planning on booking a table for dinner, despite being on a spending ban, but simply could not keep it a surprise. So I told Ash that we would be eating at the Air Street branch of Hawksmoor, with a reservation at 5pm – enough time to get to the theatre for 7:30pm. He’d never been to Hawksmoor and I’d not been to this particular location – but it’s definitely my favourite!

We arrived early and although the table was ready for us, we decided to have a drink at the bar first. Of all the Hawksmoor restaurants I’ve been to, the bar at Air Street is the best. There’s plenty of seating and just lots of space – it’s not dingy in the slightest, as I found with Spitalfields. I enjoyed a French House (strawberry Beefeater, lime & tarragon), which went down very easily; while Ash had a Hawksmoor Collins (Beefeater 24, Campari, bitters, soda & lemon). We sat along the far side of the lounge area in one of the booths, which was so comfy and relaxing. Although we were the first in the bar, it soon got busier and as the late lunchtime diners were leaving the restaurant, it was time for us to make our way to our table. The restaurant is quite large with numerous different areas of seating. We were sat towards the middle in another booth – which was certainly more comfortable than normal seating and there was plenty of table space, too.

Although there’s an Express menu at lunch time (and certain times during the evening), priced at two courses for £25, or three for £28, we decided to order a la carte – largely because I can no longer eat more than a main meal! It’s a shame because the peanut butter shortbread is absolutely unreal, but never mind!
Dining, Review, Hawksmoor, London, Air Street, Piccadilly, FdBloggers
We both opted for rump steaks – rare for me and medium/rare for Ash. Sides and sauces come at an extra charge and of course, I had to have my all-time favourite Hawksmoor side: the beef dripping fries. They are amazing, so crisp and flavoursome – and also loads better than the triple-cooked chips! I still can’t believe they’re not available at all the branches (again, Spitalfields, I mean you). I accompanied them with a pot of bone marrow gravy, which was divine and nowhere near as rich as I previously remembered. I normally opt for peppercorn sauce but I was pleased to have tried something different. My steak was absolutely cooked to perfection and as I cut into it, Ash has commented that he should have gone rare, as well. I’m surprised he didn’t get the cheese sweats, because not only did he order a side of mac’n’cheese (and buttered English greens) but he also decided on the stichelton hollandaise. The sides are Hawksmoor are large and easily sharable – not that we did. They also come in the most gorgeous cast iron pots, which ensure they stay hot for ages.

I accompanied my steak with a glass of Rioja, which went well – and down too easily. The wine list is extensive, but as you’d expect, pricy. It’s always worth ordering by the bottle, rather than glass; unfortunately we had a designated driver that evening.

The service is always very good at Hawksmoor and at Air Street, it’s no exception – from the woman on the front desk who initially took our reservation, to the bar and waiting staff upstairs. You certainly get what you pay for, not only in terms of standard of service, but quality of food and drink.

Hawksmoor is one of my favourite London restaurants and without a doubt, I’ll be returning to the Air Street branch – hopefully next time, I’ll have space for the peanut butter shortbread, too!

Love, Lucy xx

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Degustabox | February Box

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If youve not heard of Degustabox, then where have you been? Its a food & drink monthly subscription box bringing you 10-15 surprise products, many which are new to the market. When you sign up, you get to fill in your very own profile, meaning a couple of the products may differ. Its actually the highlight of my week when this little beauty arrives on my doorstep so what was in February’s box?

·         A carton of Koko Dairy Free milk
·         Two tins of Heinz No Added Sugar beans
·         A pot of Kabuto noodles
·         A bag of Bebeto Cheesecake gummies
·         A bag of Bebeto Candy Crush gummies
·         A bottle of Blossom Hill Fruit Bloom wine
·         A packet of Peppersmith mints
·         A bottle of Coldpress juice
·         A packet of New York Delhi Americanos
·         A Diablo No Added Sugar chocolate wafer
·         A bag of Willy Chase’s FitCorn
·         A pouch of Maui & Sons banana chips
Food, Drink, Degustabox, Subscription,
As usual, let’s start with the drinks in this month’s box. It’s no secret that I’m partial to a glass (or bottle!) of wine and although I’d had fruit varieties in the past, I’d not tried anything from Blossom Hill’s Fruit Bloom range. I received the rosé with summer fruits which was beaut. It’d be perfect on a summer’s day or over ice. I’ve bought the Koko Dairy Free milk a number of times and while I don’t particularly enjoy the taste of it on its own, it’s lovely when used in smoothies, porridge or baking. And I’m yet to try the Coldpress Berry Beets Juice, but I really don’t know how I feel about it. I made a smoothie with beet before and found it an acquired taste.
Food, Drink, Degustabox, Subscription,
Kabuto are a brand Degustas are familiar with and the noodle pots have featured in a number of previous boxes. This vegetable laksa pot was flavoursome and I added prawns to it, to make it a more substantial meal. This isn’t something I’d eat or even buy often – and I’m certainly not running out to buy this again; Laksa from scratch is fairly simple. There were two tins of Heinz No Added Sugar beans in this month’s box and again, while they’re not something I eat often, they’re a cupboard staple and the smaller tins will make for a lazy dinner. I find the original sauce too sweet, so hopefully this ‘healthier’ equivalent will prove more popular.
Food, Drink, Degustabox, Subscription,
The rest of the box was perfect for snackers and there were plenty of sweet treats, which I loved. First up though, there’s a savoury offering from Willy Chase. I received the salted honey flavour of FitCorn in a previous box and really didn’t like it. I’m not usually one for savoury popcorn, but this was the perfect replacement for crisps at work – and the combination of flavours worked so well. The dark chocolate banana chips were another work snack I enjoyed. They were light, crisp and incredibly moreish – I could have easily eaten the whole bag in one go. I hadn’t heard of Maui & Sons before but I’m interested in seeing what other ‘healthy’ snacks they sell.
Food, Drink, Degustabox, Subscription,
The Bebeto Cheesecake gummies were probably my product of the month. I love cheesecake and I love sweets, so it didn’t get much better! I just can’t believe they actually tasted like all the elements of a cheesecake! However, I found the Bebeto Candy Crush gummies very gimmicky and the sweets inside the bag didn’t match those on the packaging. I’m sure fans of the game would appreciate this, but it really wasn’t for me. The chocolate coated coffee beans by New York Delhi were interesting, but had quite a bitter aftertaste. They’d make a great topping for a cheesecake or cupcake though. I didn’t enjoy the Diablo chocolate wafer, not because of the lack of sugar, but because the wafer was so soft and it really didn’t taste chocolate-y. Finally, the Peppersmith mints were enjoyable – I had seen them before but had never bought them. I would buy them again.

Try your first box, with a £7 discount. Either follow this link. Or go to the website and enter my special reference code: LUCYW-2B19. Enjoy!

What were your thoughts on February’s box?

Love, Lucy xx

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Afternoon Tea at Malmaison, The Mailbox

Afternoon Tea, Birmingham, Dining, Malmaison, Review,
Afternoon Tea, Birmingham, Dining, Malmaison, Review,
Two weekends ago, I was in Birmingham celebrating a friend’s birthday and as these plans weren’t until the evening and Ashley had work during the day, I messaged my best friend Gemma to see if she fancied a catch up. I hadn’t seen her since the end of October and despite going for lunch last time, we also got WGW! This time, I thought I’d be on my best behaviour and we’d be more civilised, so I booked afternoon tea at Malmaison, in The Mailbox.

Our reservation was for 2:30pm and not only is The Mailbox a five minute walk from New Street station, Malmaison is in the entrance of the building – so very easy to get to. Despite being a hotel, I couldn’t work out where the rooms were; however, after making our way through the bar, we arrived at the Chez Mal Brasserie. We weren’t given the best table, it was quite small and right in the middle of the restaurant – luckily, we upgraded to a booth when one was available and not only was there more space, it was so comfortable! The staff were also very helpful in moving our belongings and teacups over. 

We decided to upgrade to the cocktail afternoon tea (£25pp, as opposed to £17.50 for the standard option) and there were four cocktails to choose from. Gemma chose the Orange Brûlée (Disaronno, Cointreau, Grand Marnier, Hennessy VS, cream, chocolate dust), while I loved the sound of Nutty 43 (Tia Maria, Frangelico, Licor 43, cream). Unfortunately, instead of my cocktail arriving to the table, we were given the Blackberry G&Tea and after two waiting staff and the manager came over, the correct drink was mixed and served. Luckily we were told we could keep the third, free of charge. It was quite sour and obviously didn’t go well with our creamier cocktails. There was a long wait to receive the original drinks and then a further 20 minute wait – but this was only a minor blip in an otherwise enjoyable afternoon.

Whilst we were waiting for our cocktails, we got to decide on our teas – of which there was plenty of choice. I opted for the green tea with lemon and Gemma had the blackberry & raspberry fruit infusion. The cake stand and scones (served separately) arrived soon after – and what a display!

We first dug into the savouries: mini beef sliders served in brioche buns with pickles; hot smoked salmon salad wraps; and char-grilled chicken wraps with peppers and crème fraiche. Our favourite was the salmon.  The wraps were soft, so you knew they’d not been sitting around for hours. I personally prefer finger sandwiches, as these savouries were quite filling.

Taking one look at the scones, which were huge, we decided to eat the smaller sweet treats first – of which, there were four. The mango & passion fruit meringues with cream were light and the fruit so refreshing; the salted caramel brownie was the perfect mix of rich indulgence and soft gooeyness; the raspberry coconut cake was pretty dense, but still delicious. We washed them all down with a mini frozen berry smoothie, served in a mini milk bottle. It was quite sour, but complemented the sweeter cakes.
Afternoon Tea, Birmingham, Dining, Malmaison, Review,
Feeling brave, we attempted the scones and Gemma certainly lucked out choosing the fruit one! My plain one was far too large and was on the stodgy side – it wasn’t warm when I cut into it and the middle wasn’t soft. I only managed half of the top, but the clotted cream and strawberry preserve were both enjoyable. I think I’d have enjoyed an average sized scone a lot more – and one with raisins.

Despite feeling overly full, we managed to finish our cocktails before getting the bill. Even with a 10% service charge included, the cost of the tea was reasonable, especially compared to other hotels or places in London. Although I don’t think I’d return to Malmaison for afternoon tea, I’d be inclined to have lunch or dinner there – or even stay the night. 
Afternoon Tea, Birmingham, Dining, Malmaison, Review,
It was so nice to catch up with Gems too and we had so much goss to share. Isn’t it great when you don’t see a friend for a while but when you’re together, it’s like you were never apart? I can’t believe we celebrate 25 years of friendship this year, too!

Love, Lucy xx

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Instagram #13

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Afternoon tea at Malmaison, Mail Box – February Favourites – Aladdin the Musical at the Prince Edward Theatre – Sneak peak at February’s Degustabox – Work OOTD: a Mulbz kinda day – Slobby Sundays ft. cute Snapchat filter – Valentine’s Day fizz with the fam – Best Valentine’s card I’ve ever sent – Col U v Barnet with mumma

It’s been a while since I last posted an Insta/Life update, but I honestly don’t think I’ve done much exciting. My Instagram is really lacking at the moment, which I hate – but I’ve just got no inspiration! I feel like these posts are going to be monthly going forward, but hopefully then, I can fill you in on all things Luce.

Throwing it back almost a month ago now, mum and I went to see Barnet play Colchester. I bought tickets really early, as it’s practically a home game for us (just up the A12) and they were really cheap (like £14 each, as opposed to £25!). The weather was awful and Barnet lost – I think mum has seen them win once, so she’s not a lucky charm. It was nice to have a day out and see some familiar faces, though.

With Valentine’s Day being on a Tuesday, Ash and I swapped cards at the weekend and I had dinner on Tuesday at home with mum and Robert after work. But we did get a single rose in a box and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot at work, which I opened and shared with everyone that evening. Talking of cards, I still believe I found the best one ever – courtesy of Love Layla.

Fast forward a week and I had the laziest weekend ever – I honestly feel so run down at the moment and constantly tired; if anyone has any tips for making me feel better, please share them below. I honestly spent the whole time napping and snapping – I’ve been loving all the animal Snapchat filters at the moment and that snow leopard (it is a snow leopard, right?) is my actual favourite!

If you read Tuesday’s post, you’ll know that we went to see Aladdin the Musical at the Prince Edward Theatre in the West End. It was such a good show – with amazing special effects. Outside the theatre, you could have your photo taken with the lamp and of course, the big kid in me could not resist. Thankfully after the show, the queues weren’t as long! I don’t think I’d have waited more than five minutes though!

Then last weekend, I went to Birmingham. We were at a friend’s birthday celebrations in the evening but I decided to head up early and meet my best friend for afternoon tea. I booked a cocktail afternoon tea at Malmaison (in the Mail Box) and will be blogging that next week... so keep your eyes peeled. After carbing myself up on wraps and cake, I met Ash and we went out for dinner at a lovely little independent Italian place where – you guessed it – I committed carbocide! We came home just after midnight, so of course, I had another slobby Sunday!

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Aladdin the Musical at the Prince Edward Theatre

Disney, Aladdin, Theatre, West End, London, Soho, Prince Edward Theatre
Disney, Aladdin, Theatre, West End, London, Soho, Prince Edward Theatre
Two weekends ago, Ashley and I went to see Aladdin the Musical at the Prince Edward Theatre, Soho. I’d heard and seen mixed reviews, both online and from some of the work girls – so I was looking forward to seeing the show and making up on my own mind.

Prince Edward Theatre is in the heart of the West End, on Old Compton Street, so there’s plenty to do before and after the performance. I’d never been to the theatre before, but it was lovely – a decent size with a bar, which never got too busy. We were sat in the stalls, only a few rows from the back – but our view wasn’t impaired in any way and the acoustics were still really clear. The auditorium was quite warm, but I think that was down to the number of people and all the lighting needed for the set. That would be my only complaint – it wasn’t long before my glass of prosecco turned warm and our share-size bag of Minstrels melted!

First of all, I have to mention the stage – because it was absolutely incredible. The Arabian theme was evident throughout and the costumes and other props were fabulous! I loved the cave scene, with all the gold and lighting, which looked really spectacular – especially with all the special effects. The magic carpet scene with Aladdin and Jasmine gave me goose bumps, as soon as they started singing ‘A Whole New World’; it was truly magical and nobody had any idea how the carpet was floating across the stage! The market and rooftop scenes were equally as good – in fact, the performance as a whole was amazing and you could see the amount of work that had been put in to make it special and successful!

The acting was really good and although I’d not heard of any of the cast before (aside from Jade Ewen), I was really impressed. In fact, I’d go as far as saying Jade was the perfect choice to play Princess Jasmine and I was pleasantly surprised to find she could sing. The stand-out character had to be the genie (played by Trevor Dion Nicholas, who was making his West End debut, having performed on Broadway). You may have seen him on the billboards and other advertisements across London – and he certainly didn’t disappoint. He was hilarious, really encapsulating the genie, the same way that Robin Williams did in the 1992 Disney Classic.

All of the songs from film were included: ‘Arabian Nights’, ‘A Whole New World’, ‘Friend Like Me’ and ‘Prince Ali’... But I also liked that new songs were written especially for the West End adaptation (a bit like Matilda the Musical). The lyrics were written by Tim Rice – and it showed.

I’m so pleased I got to see Aladdin as I thoroughly enjoyed the performance. While some people have been referring to it as ‘panto-esque’, I didn’t think that was the case at all – it was funny, but by no means OTT. And while, in my opinion, it wasn’t as good as The Lion King (which we see this month, by the way) – I don’t think anything could surpass that and the two simply cannot be compared.
Disney, Aladdin, Theatre, West End, London, Soho, Prince Edward Theatre
Aladdin is on at the Prince Edward Theatre until the end of September (Monday to Saturday) with tickets priced from £29.75. The matinee shows (on Thursday and Saturday) start at 2:30pm, with the evening performances from 7:30pm. The performance is two and a half hours, with an interval. More details here.

Love, Lucy xx

Thursday, 2 March 2017

February Favourites

Favourites, Health, Beauty, Fashion, Mango, Barry M, Cute Nutrition, Benefit, Soap & Glory
Favourites, Health, Beauty, Fashion, Mango, Barry M, Cute Nutrition, Benefit, Soap & Glory
With February being such a short month, there weren’t that many products I loved, or even tried for the first time – anyone else have this problem? Anyway, I thought I needed to still post a monthly favourites, so here it is...

The first product I need to mention is the Cute Nutrition Strawberry Daiquiri protein powder. I’ve been using it a lot to make overnight or baked proats for breakfast, during the week. I won’t lie, I originally bought this because of the flavour and the packaging – there’s also a ‘pornstar martini’ variety, which is probably just passion fruit, but I don’t know how I feel about it!

I LOOOVE my Mango tailored trousers, as anyone that follows me on any form of social media will know. I bought these when I was in Madrid at Christmas, because I was looking for some work bits and instantly fell in love with the style and pattern. Plus they are a size 8! I never shop at Mango in the UK, but maybe I should – there were so many nice bits and all of them affordable. I wear these once a week, as they’re so comfortable and just great office attire.

Next up, we have the perfect duo for fleeky AF brows. The Soap & Glory Archery 2-in-1 Brow Filling Pencil & Brush is probably the best brow pencil I’ve come across; it’s certainly a lot better than Benefit’s. Even though I bought this in ‘blonde’, it’s still quite dark and actually matches my natural brows perfectly. I use this every day without fail before using Benefit’s ready, set, brow! It’s just great for shaping and setting your brows in place. Although it’s a little pricy, it’s oh so worth it! I definitely need to get mine tinted and re-shaped before the end of next month, though.

And finally, I am obsessed with Barry M’s Flawless Mist & Fix – so much so, I have about three bottles of this stored away. I used to set my makeup at weekends only, but I’ve also started to for work, just to keep it in place all day. I found the atmosphere, particularly with the permanent air-con, played havoc with my skin and my makeup just used to slide. As this is a spray and quite dewy, it’s probably not ideal for this time of year – but I couldn’t find one with a powder finish. Let me know if you have any recommendations below.

I know this wasn’t the most exciting favourites post – but I’ll be back next month!

What were your February favourites?

Love, Lucy xx