Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Instagram #16

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Catch-up & dinner at Brickyard, Romford - Another monthly favourites - Enjoying lunch in the sunshine at work - Sunday afternoon at Mini Golf - My self-imposed spending ban - Pizza & Monopoly night at Ashley's parents - Snapchat filters getting me through bad hair/face days - Remembering daddy one year on - New flowers at the burial ground - Thursday Mr Whippy work treat - New hair for summer

I am so glad that this round-up is just before I go away - I think my Insta will definitely be all things Palermo at the end of the week... also I am so bloody excited to be going away! It's time again to find out what I've been up to recently...

Just over three weeks ago, I caught up with my lovely friend Vicky and the four of us (Callum and Ashley came too!) went to Brickyard in Romford for dinner. We hadn't been for ages but it was as good as I remembered - despite all the changes. All week, leading up to the meal, I had been ill, but didn't let that deter me. Catch-up, cocktails and some good food was much needed (read more: Two-for-One Saturday night fun at Brickyard, Romford).

The weather has been so gorgeous lately, not that you'd know with my properly English skin. But I have really been enjoying my lunches in the work garden - or better, walking to the park with Poppy and just relaxing for an hour. I've also had a couple of days off recently, so have been making the most of them, too.

Two weekends ago now, Ashley was here and decided we should go out for the afternoon - suggesting mini golf. There's a course in Brentwood at King George's park, but instead we drove to Moby Golf, which is between Romford and Chadwell Heath. It was so much fun and good to get out for a couple of hours. Needless to say, I was useless and lost with a score of 67 (I think par was 41)... it's all about the taking part anyway!

More recently, we stayed at Ashley's parents, which was nice as we hadn't seen them for a while. We just had a chilled night in with wine, takeaway pizza and Monopoly... and for once, I didn't win. Also, how cute is my giraffe?!

Last Wednesday saw the anniversary of my dad's death and I honestly feel so loved by family, friends and the blogging community. The reception to my post was actually heart-warming and I'm so pleased with how it was received - and I'm hoping it helps others in a similar situation (read more: One Year On...). As I mentioned in the post, I took the day off work and spent two hours at the burial ground, taking a picnic and some flowers with me. Although I felt okay for the majority of the day, I actually appreciated having the day to myself.

And finally, I got my hurr did for summer! I was getting so bored of my natural hair colour, as I hadn't got it dyed permanently since last summer - despite the good condition it was in, it was just so dull and lifeless. I'll be posting about it next week, so keep your eyes peeled. But for those interested, I've gone back to ombré.

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

Thursday, 25 May 2017

How I stay organised

When it comes to organisation, sometimes I think I verge on having some form of OCD. But trying to juggle a 42.5 hour working week with a commute of 400 miles, a social life, relationship and blog, I have to keep on top of things. There are some evenings I get in late, feel like I've got nothing done - maybe time goes too quickly - or had time to myself. So how do I stay organised?

Every year I have a diary, in fact it's a Christmas requirement. Because it isn't just a place where I plan social events, I feel the need to track EVERYTHING! I love an A5 diary with additional sections (this one's from Paperchase), because those smaller-sized ones just aren't enough for me, or my large handwriting. In the back of this one I have my New Year's Resolutions, with monthly updates on how I'm doing; I track my finances, which proved helpful when I had my spending ban; I log my mileage for my car, because the last two years I've had it serviced early (like two/three months early); and I've even got a blog section with random ideas for posts and the ones I go ahead with, I date/schedule. The social calendar side of things is obviously very important and Ashley often asks "what are we doing on x weekend?" - hold on, while I refer to my bible!

To Do Lists
I got this To Do list in a YooHoo stationery box ages ago now and as soon as I received it, I knew I would laminate it so I could use it again and again - and what a fabulous idea that was! I update it weekly, although some of the items on the list are repetitive (blog posts, clothes away etc). There's nothing more satisfying than crossing items off a list, especially a long one. I also swear by lists at work and have those calendar-style ones so I know what I have to do each day. Again, I love crossing each thing off as I do it - and spend the first five minutes of the day working out a plan of action.

Meal Planning
Again, this particular chart is from a YooHoo box and when I was on my proper meal prep/healthy eating thang, I was using this every Sunday. I don't really use it as much these days, but there is a shared one downstairs that my mum updates. That one is a paper chart with tear-off sheets, which also comes with a pencil and shopping list, so you can write down the items you need as you plan your meals. The shared one is great as we can all make a note of when we aren't in for dinner, as well as make suggestions for shopping and meal ideas. When I'm most organised with my meal planning, I feel better. I've become quite lazy recently and whereas I'd previously cook every day, I now leave it to mum - and have found I'm actually eating more, because I haven't got a set plan. Maybe I'm not as organised as I thought!

How do you stay organised?

Love, Lucy xx

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

One Year On...

I will always remember when I was about 14 and like my friends, I had a MySpace account. There was a section titled ‘heroes’ and I wrote “my daddy – because he takes me to football and gigs”. He would always mention it, because it made him smile...

Another personal post tonight and strangely, I found it so easy to write – because although it’s a subject that’s difficult to talk about, it’s one that I love to talk about – even if it makes me feel contemplative, sad or even angry about afterwards. Tomorrow marks a year to the day my dad died.

If you’re a long-term follower of my blog or Twitter/Insta, you’ll know that my family are hugely important to me and my dad was no different. I honestly don’t think anyone really understood our relationship; one minute we could be like the best of friends and the next, totally at each other’s throats. Good traits and bad, I’m very much like him. I have his focus and grammar pedantry, as well as his food/holiday snobbery. We shared a love of football and influenced each other with our choice of music (film, not so much). He was also my blog’s biggest fan.

This past year has been nothing but milestones and on the whole, I think I’ve dealt with them okay. It’s the downtime when I over-think, or small things like a song, somebody on TV or even a photo or memory.
Father’s Day was only two days after the funeral and I think even at that point it hadn’t sunk in. My auntie and uncle were still over from Madrid and we went for a meal at The Viper, one of his favourite pubs. His birthday was July 9th and again, we celebrated with a meal at another of the pubs we frequented a fair bit: The Bell at Horndon-on-the-Hill. I was expecting Christmas to be really difficult, as we are a small family who have always had a traditional Christmas at home. We spent a few days in Madrid and my auntie and uncle made the time so special, it kept my mind off it. New Year was one of the times I got overly emotional – and I really don’t know why. Again, we’ve often spent the last evening of the year together, where we’d have a takeaway and watch a film or play a game before the bongs. I think I was okay most of the evening, it was the countdown that got me. And thankfully, my birthday wasn’t too bad to get through, as I was thoroughly spoilt – but while there were four of us at my birthday meal, it should have been five.

So tomorrow... the final milestone. I booked the day off work because I really didn’t fancy going in. The weather is supposed to be fine, so I will probably spend the day at the Burial Ground and take some lunch with me. I’ve actually not visited for a while, so I have so much to tell him. I’ll also have to get some fresh flowers to put in the pot. I was planning/hoping on getting some plants, but I’m not sure how the plot currently looks.
As time goes by, it does get easier – but the reality recently hit me when I saw the Rio Ferdinand documentary (if you didn’t watch it, I can highly recommend it). Like him, I never really spoke about it much. There are things like going to Barnet which aren’t the same, I don’t enjoy going on my own and the occasions that I have, I have felt anxious. When I have a bad day, I miss his humour. He never really met any of my friends, as they’re all in different circles and locations – and I’ve made some friends since that I wish he could have met. It makes me sad that he never met Ashley. And worst of all, even though my brother and I are now grown up, he won’t watch us progress and ‘properly adult’.

This post is now becoming a jumbled mess of words on a screen, so fairplay if you're still reading. And as I began my post with the introduction of my tribute, it's only fitting I end the same way.

...he complained he wouldn’t be home to watch the FA Cup final with me. So I went to visit and watched it on the tiny TV as I sat beside his bed. It cheered him up no end – but little did I know that would be our final memory. As I left, he kissed me on the cheek and said “I love you princess”. I love you too dad, sleep tight and thank you for being my hero.

Love, Lucy xx

Thursday, 18 May 2017

My Self-Imposed Spending Ban

So a personal and random post tonight as I decide to share the reasons and results of my self-imposed spending ban. Before I start, I’d like to point that I’m by no means a Rebecca Bloomwood (I most definitely don’t have a Derek Smeath on my case!), but there have been occasions where I’ve had no self-control (Mulberry purse post-Christmas, I’m looking at you!) and I do love an impulse purchase.

I think I can vouch for everyone when I say December is one of the worst months – all of those outfits and accessories for social occasions, pre-Christmas meals out and of course, Christmas presents. For me, January continues in the same vein: my birthday is the 16th and Ashley’s is the 31st. Which is why I decided, as of February, I’d try and cut back. I’m putting money away each month into an ISA for a mortgage – which can prove difficult after outgoings, credit card bills etc.

Add to this the Mulberry bag I have lusted over for SO long. At the start of my ban, I set myself a target to save that little bit more in my account, so after four months (May payday) I would be able to treat myself. I would be lying if I said I was anywhere close to buying the bag – but it’s something else to now aim for by the end of the year... wish me luck!

So how did I get on?

Monthly outgoings - £398.44
Splurges - £288.48
Money saved - £500.00

To calculate my monthly outgoings, I include my phone bill, my car’s service plan, money I give to mum and petrol (I drive 400 miles a week for work alone, so you imagine how often I need to fill up and how much I spend!). I didn’t save that much in February, as I had January’s credit card bill to pay off!

My splurges included a number of meals out, afternoon tea at Malmaison and a couple of hotels I booked for our trip to Ireland in August.
Monthly outgoings - £448.40 (I had to also pay for my Spotify subscription this month)
Splurges - £470.98
Money saved - £1,500.00

In March, my splurges included Poppy and Mariah’s birthday celebrations, yet more meals out, the deposit for Palermo, car parking at Stansted for when we go to Ireland and I got my hair cut.
Monthly outgoings - £633.45 (I had to also pay for my car’s service, as it was a few months early and the plan didn’t cover the cost)
Splurges - £808.98
Money saved - £900.00

Splurges this time around included afternoon tea at the Sanderson, the balance for Palermo and also the parking at Stansted, Euros for holiday and you guessed it, more meals out!
In three months, I’ve not bought any clothes, shoes or bags, which for me is an achievement – especially considering I’ve already done my wardrobe/shoe rack overhaul. With the first of my holidays around the corner, there are a few bits I need to get, so will definitely be treating myself in May. I deserve it, no? I’m also getting my hair dyed next week and hoping to get my brows tinted and waxed before I go away.

I managed two Boots hauls in this time and I’m so excited to say that both went on the points I had accumulated – is there seriously a better feeling?! I think I must have had over £40 worth of points... It probably sits at about 60p now!

On average, I go out for food four to six times a month – that includes the occasional work pub lunch or trip to Costa – and although it’s an area I could cut back on if I really wanted to save more, it’s one of my favourite things to do! On the whole, I make my lunches for work at home, so I think it could be a lot worse. That said, in three months, I have probably spent £400 on meals out!

I would love to try and go on this kind of ban again and feel that February onwards is the best time to do this. Maybe next year I will try and better my efforts. Have you ever self-imposed a spending ban? I’d love to hear how you got on in the comments.

Love, Lucy xx

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Degustabox | April Box

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If youve not heard of Degustabox, then where have you been? Its a food & drink monthly subscription box bringing you 10-15 surprise products, many of which are new to the market. When you sign up, you get to fill in your very own profile, meaning a couple of the products may differ. Its actually the highlight of my week when this little beauty arrives on my doorstep so what was in April’s box?

·         A bag of Seabrook lattice sea salt & black pepper crisps
·         A pot of sugar-free Polos
·         A bottle of Celia organic lager
·         A packet of Garofolo whole wheat penne pasta
·         A packet of Good Hemp hemp seed hearts
·         A box of Dorset Cereals Machu Picchu muesli
·         A bar of Doisy & Dam’s quinoa, smoked tea & vanilla chocolate
·         Two packets of Nothing But freeze-dried fruit
·         A packet of Whitworths Full of Super macaroons
·         A packet of VIPNuts hot chilli nuts
Degustabox, Food, Drink, Monthly Subscription, Fdbloggers, Unboxing
Starting with the snacks this month and there was only one new brand in VIPNuts. The hot chilli peanuts were certainly spicy and actually too over-whelming for my palate. I was also expecting them to have that nice crispy shell coating, so was disappointed to find peanuts coated in chilli powder. Give me Nobby’s any day! Seabrooks have appeared in previous boxes and the lattice cut crisps were lush and too good to share – despite the resealable pouch bag that so many brands have adopted recently. The crisps were flavoursome, crunchy and just perfect! Nothing But have also appeared in previous boxes and it’s a shame I’ve never seen their products on the shelves of the supermarket – their freeze-dried fruit combinations are great for snacking on. There were two varieties in this month’s box: banana & strawberry and grape & pineapple – and I loved both in equal measure!
Degustabox, Food, Drink, Monthly Subscription, Fdbloggers, Unboxing
We often buy Dorset Cereals muesli and at one point, we had about three boxes of their Bircher in our kitchen cupboard... I haven’t seen or tried this Machu Picchu muesli yet, but am intrigued by the mix of flavours: golden fruit, brazil nut and coffee. Needless to say, I’ll be eating this with milk or yogurt – I don’t think I could mix it with fruit juice! Similarly, I’ve not tried the Good Hemp hemp seed hearts yet, as I’ve got a large packet of chia seeds to use up before I open anything else. I’m not sure how I will incorporate this product into my breakfast, so please let me know your suggestions below! However, something I loved from April’s box was the vanilla macaroons by Whitworths – and I would go as far as saying they were better than the traditional cake! They weren’t overly sweet, but had that lovely vanilla-y taste, as well as plenty of texture from the coconut and seeds. I definitely need to try the cacao version, too!
Degustabox, Food, Drink, Monthly Subscription, Fdbloggers, Unboxing
After receiving lots of rice and noodle products recently, I was pleased to finally see a packet of whole wheat pasta in this box – especially as I don’t eat refined carbohydrates, so these products usually go to my mum and brother. Whole wheat pasta is a staple in our cupboard, so this penne will certainly go to good use. The recipe card this month also had a suggestion to use with the Garafalo pasta, so I’ll be sure to give it a try, when I’m lacking inspiration.
Degustabox, Food, Drink, Monthly Subscription, Fdbloggers, Unboxing
There was only one drink this month with an organic lager from Czech brand, Celia. It’s not my cup of tea at all, but I’m sure will go down well when it’s finally barbecue season... if all else fails, I could mix it with lemonade!
Degustabox, Food, Drink, Monthly Subscription, Fdbloggers, Unboxing
And finally, to the treats – the most exciting part, of course! The travel pot of sugar free Polos were handy to keep in the car and lasted for a couple of weeks. I’d buy these again. Doisy & Dam are known for their ‘superfood’ chocolate bars, which contain unusual flavour combinations and ingredients... I received the quinoa, smoked tea & vanilla variety in my box and I’m not sure what to make of it. The quinoa added a texture, almost like rice krispies and there was definitely a vanilla after taste – I don’t know if I enjoyed it or not. Having looked at their website, there are a few alternatives I would love to try!

Try your first box, with a £7 discount. Either follow this link. Or go to the website and enter my special reference code: LUCYW-2B19. Enjoy!

What were your thoughts on April’s box?

Love, Lucy xx

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Review | Iris de Mouy pour L’Occitane

Bath, Beauty, Christmas, L'Occitane, Skin, Iris de Mouy, Luxury
Bath, Beauty, Christmas, L'Occitane, Skin, Iris de Mouy, Luxury
Okay, so we are nearly halfway through May and tonight on the blog I am reviewing a CHRISTMAS present... I should be ashamed, but to be totally honest, a lot of these products are spring-scented and I still have a thousand Limited Edition Lush Christmas products to also use. I’m talking about the L’Occitane Christmas 2016 box – gorgeously illustrated by Iris de Mouy. Containing six L’Occitane best-sellers, this box consisted of:

·         Extra gentle soap with Shea butter (25g)
·         Almond shower oil (35ml)
·         Neroli & Orchid body milk (50ml)
·         Delightful Rose hand cream (10ml)
·         Precious Cream (8ml)
·         Peony Eau de Toilette (5ml)

With the exception of the body milk – a full-size product – the rest are all sample sizes. However, these would all be perfect for travel luggage. Don’t be fooled by the smaller size though, these will all last a while and I’ve been using mine over the past month or so.
Bath, Beauty, Christmas, L'Occitane, Skin, Iris de Mouy, Luxury
Extra gentle soap with Shea butter
This was exactly what it said on the packet; it was so gentle on the skin and unlike other soaps, didn’t irritate or leave the palms dry. Shea butter has nourishing qualities, which were effective

Almond shower oil
Although I’ve used oil-based products before, I didn’t know how I felt about directly applying this to my skin in the shower. Instead, I used it as a bath oil and it still worked just as well. A few drops under running water created small bubbles and it left my skin feeling nicely moisturised, instead of overly greasy. The almond scent was subtle, but still lingered on the skin for hours afterwards

Neroli & Orchid body milk
My pick of the box – a really lovely body cream, with light consistency and gorgeous scent. It absorbed into the skin quickly but also kept it supple. Both my brother and mum commented on the fragrance and I’d certainly buy this again – I definitely prefer a moisturiser with a milky formula during the summer months

Delightful Rose hand cream
A little goes a long way with this cream and while overwhelming at first, the rose scent eases off quite quickly. The consistency is thick and formula rich, making it deeply moisturising and perfect after washing up or other harsh elements

Precious Cream
Described as a day/night cream, I’ve only used this in the morning as I love my current night cream. It’s supposed to increase firmness and reduce the sign of wrinkles. Again, it’s light on the skin and although I’ve not noticed a difference to my complexion, I’ll stick with it

Peony Eau de Toilette
I’ve got a bit of an obsession with peonies and while I don’t go for a predominantly floral fragrance usually (with the exception of Marc Jacobs’ Daisy), I’m absolutely in love with this Eau de Toilette! It’s in a really cute little pink bottle and just screams spring. It’s a long-lasting scent and one I’ll be wearing loads in the coming weeks

All in all, I’m really pleased with the contents of the box and while it is marketed as a Christmas product, the perfume in particular doesn’t say winter to me. I’m fairly familiar with L’Occitane as a brand, having sampled products in beauty boxes in the past, as well as visiting their stores – however, this would be a perfect gift for introducing someone to the brand. I’m looking forward to seeing what 2017’s offering is like!

Love, Lucy xx

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Two-for-One Saturday night fun at Brickyard, Romford

I last went to Brickyard with Vicky in August 2014 (post - Restaurant Review: Brickyard) and it has changed since then, which is one of the reasons we prolonged our visit. This time, Callum and Ash joined us and the four of us caught up last Saturday night.

While the menu has changed quite dramatically, everything else remained very much the same. It’s still two-for-one on selected cocktails until 9pm – something I immediately took advantage of, as we met Vicky and Callum at the bar. The strawberry daiquiris are honestly to die for: they’re full of rum, frozen and blitzed to perfection – ideal for soothing my sore throat, but also meant I drank them far too quickly! After a quick catch-up, we were shown to our table, which was in the main restaurant (where we sat before), as opposed to the more private and exclusive booths at the back of the building.

The decor and ambience was also the same – the restaurant is so modern and luxe and the music playing in the bar extends to the restaurant too. It does make conversation quite difficult, especially when the restaurant is busy – and there were a couple of larger parties on Saturday night: a lad’s birthday knees up and a Hen Do. Thankfully, this didn’t deter the evening and again, the service was good.

On Saturday nights, there’s a set menu as opposed to the usual a la carte – three courses for just under £35. It is very similar to the usual menu but something all the diners must have. I admit I was a little daunted by the concept of having three courses, especially when I can barely manage one – but there’s plenty of choice, including a specials board. I spent far too long chatting and drinking, that I completely forgot to look at the menu so I did make a very quick decision when the waitress arrived at our table.
Dining, Review, Brickyard, Romford, Essex, Fdbloggers
We actually all opted for different starters: Soup of the Day (a herb based tomato one) for Ash; chicken wings for Callum (following Vicky’s recommendation); the beetroot and goats cheese salad (which looked colourful and incredibly tasty) for Vicky and I went for the tempura prawns. The batter was light, crisp and well-seasoned and I loved the fresh flavours of the carrot & coriander salad. The sweet chilli sauce wasn’t too overwhelming and there was even a dash of garlic mayo. I don’t usually order starters, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one!
Dining, Review, Brickyard, Romford, Essex, Fdbloggers
Dining, Review, Brickyard, Romford, Essex, Fdbloggers
In terms of main courses, I feel as though I lucked out with my choice: the chilli & lime rump steak from the specials board. It came with a side of skin-on fries, a mixed dressed salad, grilled tomato and Portobello mushroom – there was just so much food! The marinade on the steak was lush and not too spicy and the meat itself was so tender and grilled to perfection. I had asked for mine to be rare (as I always do with steak), but the waitress recommended medium – I decided to go with this and when the steak arrived, it was definitely still rare and cooked to my liking. I wasn’t a fan of the chips last time and they’ve certainly improved – I just could not manage any of the other sides. Callum also chose the steak – also cooked medium – while Vicky kept it simple with the grilled chicken breast and Ash went for the honey roast duck breast. It looked delicious and was presented beautifully – if I wasn’t so full and could handle more red meat, I would have tried some.

As Happy Hour was coming to an end, we ordered some final cocktails for the table. Somehow there was a bit of a mix-up and instead of ordering two daiquiris (one each), we ended up with four! There was further confusion with the dessert menu. We were all feeling suitably full and the waitress said to leave the menus face down until we were ready to order – giving us time to talk and to get our appetites back. However, she came back to the table almost instantly, much to Vicky’s amusement.
Dining, Review, Brickyard, Romford, Essex, Fdbloggers
I panicked when I came to ordering dessert, as I really couldn’t manage anything else – but I chose the same as Vicky: the cookies & cream parfait with chocolate chip cookie and chocolate shot. It was quite sweet and rich, but the parfait was a lovely consistency. The homemade cookie was gooey and complemented the parfait well, while I didn’t think the shot of chocolate sauce was needed. I couldn’t finish that, or my two frozen drinks.

Brickyard was just as good as I remembered and on the whole, I don’t think it had changed that much. Although the music can be quite loud, making it difficult to converse, it’s great for the bar scene. The restaurant is perfect for larger parties and it’s also a good place to begin the night, before moving on to somewhere else.

Love, Lucy xx

Sunday, 7 May 2017

April Favourites

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I’m loving that spring is in full swing and my monthly favourites definitely reflects that. I’m already on holiday countdown – just under four weeks away – which means summer is on its way, even if it doesn’t feel like that yet!

Spring/Summer scented Yankee Candles are my go-to in the evenings and I’m constantly burning candles – whether they are Yankee votives, or my larger Prosecco jars. There’s nothing more relaxing than lighting a candle and blogging or reading in bed. My current favourites are Peony (such a delicate floral fragrance), Sicilian Lemon (which makes me excited to go to Italy) and Cassis (vibrant in colour and smell, it’s lush).

I’ve got two favourite items of clothing that I cannot stop wearing – obviously not together, though! The chiffon blouse with floaty shoulders is from Silk Fred and I actually first saw it on a Facebook advert. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it – the material looked so light and I loved the colourful teardrop print. I’ve been dressing it down with jeans quite a lot, but also have some blue cigarette trousers which I can wear for work... I just need to get a pair of shoes to complete the outfit. I also love the white floral print trousers, which I think are from Pink Boutique (last year). They are so comfortable to wear and are perfect for day-to-night. I wore these most recently for Poppy’s birthday celebrations but I’ll definitely be wearing them to work once the weather gets better, with sandals.

As you can see by the empty bottle, I’ve been using the Maddi Alexander Frivolous bath oil a lot – my mum gave me this sample size, but I’ll definitely be purchasing the full-size product. I find it perfect for a long, relaxing soak and only a few drops are needed. It soaks well into the skin, keeping it moisturised, rather than greasy. The scent is a lovely combination of citrus fruits and bergamot oils – which are massively invigorating, while also soothing the body and mind, so perfect for de-stressing.

Still on the subject of de-stressing, I’ve got a bit of an obsession with adult colouring at the moment and try and complete three hours a week to help me unwind in the evenings. I alternate the nights that I blog or use my computer and then go technology-free, so colour or read! It’s great for whiling away the time in the evening. There must also be some kind of correlation between how you are feeling and the colours you use/patterns you choose the colour. This book has over120 pages and will last me absolutely ages!

What were your April favourites?

Love, Lucy xx

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Instagram #15

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Enjoying the sunshine at St. Paul’s – Last one from Poppy’s birthday celebrations – The first time in AGES I’ve ordered dessert – A round of Mrs Kensingtons with the #RoyalBloggers – Easter Sunday selfie – Nibbles & Cocktails at The Royal Hotel – Pre-afternoon tea cocktails at Aqua Nueva’s rooftop bar – Afternoon tea at The Sanderson – Drink Me Potions with one of the besties – Throwback Thursday: Uni Memories – Bank Holiday weekend Snapchat selfie – Actually watching rugby(!)

My last Insta update was just under three-and-a-half weeks ago and I feel like I’ve crammed so much in, at the weekends mainly. I have honestly been that busy – and I have like two free weekends between now and the end of June, which is just crazy! In the last post, I mentioned my lovely friend Poppy’s 30th birthday celebrations in London and of course, that continued to feature on my feed. But what else have I been up to?

Going back to three weekends ago – and the first of the Bank Holidays... I booked the Thursday off work (totally oblivious we had the Friday and Monday off!), so mum and I went to visit my nan. We took her out for a pub lunch, to The Bull at Hockley. I have honestly never eaten so much food – buttermilk chicken burger with chips and coleslaw, followed by the most gorgeous (and summery!) Eton mess ice cream sundae. It was just a lovely chilled afternoon and I certainly need to make more effort to visit her.

On the Saturday, I was invited to The Royal Hotel in Southend for a couple of hours sampling the food and cocktails, as well as mingling with some Essex bloggers (post: #RoyalBloggers Nibbles & Cocktails at The Royal Hotel, Southend). Ash and I also walked along the seafront and went to the original Rossi’s shop for treats!

Easter Sunday was spent visiting Ash’s family, so we spent most of the day in the car – hence the selfie. I loved my outfit and I’ll be featuring the blouse in my monthly favourites. I teamed it up with jeggings to dress it down and I also wore my favourite Jimmy Choo sunglasses. It was so nice to see his mum and Granny, as we hadn’t seen either for a while!

The following weekend I was back in London, again with Poppy, as I had promised I would take her for afternoon tea. I decided on The Sanderson as it’s possibly my favourite place in London – mainly because of the Alice in Wonderland theme. The table was booked for 3pm so we headed up early and after a mooch around Westfield, went for cocktails at the rooftop bar at Aqua Nueva. We were hoping for snacks to accompany our drinks, but there was a Japanese-themed brunch on in the restaurant. That was definitely for the best though, as we certainly over-indulged later on (post: Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at The Sanderson, London).

And to last week, which was another extended one. I watched Ashley play rugby on Saturday afternoon – and even though I had no idea what was really happening, I had a really good time. It was quite cold, but luckily I had a Malibu to keep me warm – and I wasn’t left on my own either, which was something I was worried about. We went into London afterwards for a friend’s birthday drinks, but couldn’t stay long, due to the last train back. Dinerama is a cool place though, if you’ve not been before! Sunday was chilled, other than a hard gym sess and then I was back home on Monday, where I spent the day spring cleaning!

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

Monday, 1 May 2017

Cosy Pub Dinner at The Hoop, Stock

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The other week, we met up with our old next door neighbours, who had recently moved to Stock, for a lovely end-of-the-week pub dinner. There are so many pubs in Stock, Ingatestone and the surrounding villages and to be honest, they are all very good – but we decided upon The Hoop on this occasion. Growing up, it’s somewhere we’d sometimes go to for lunch in the summer, as there’s a beer garden. I think the last time I went, my dad took me for lunch – back in the post-uni/pre-job days. I couldn’t really remember it though.

The Hoop is such a traditional country pub with low ceilings, timber framework, brick fireplace (perfect in winter) and that typical ‘pub’ smell and atmosphere. There is a restaurant, with a la carte menu, where you can reserve a table; but we sat in the bar, where you can just turn up and hopefully grab a table! Luckily, Lettie and Karl arrived earlier and managed to secure a corner table for the five of us.

I’m not too sure how much the menu differs in the Oakroom Restaurant, although I know it is a la carte, as opposed to a ‘bar menu’. Where we sat, there was a specials board, but on the whole, it’s all traditional and hearty pub grub – think pies; grills; ham, egg & chips; scampi... you get the jist! Additionally, Monday night is ‘Curry Night’ and the website also promotes a ‘BYO Wine’ night and a Taster Menu... both of which are up my street, although I’m not sure about the former on a work night!

Despite being a Thursday, it was busy in the bar, with locals drinking, as well as plenty of couples and groups of friends sat, dining. That said, it wasn’t overly loud and we didn’t feel like our conversation was being interrupted – which was good, as we all had so much to catch up on: the house, Robert’s new job and my plans. We ordered drinks as soon as we arrived and were settled at the table. Mum, Lettie and I shared a bottle of Pinot Grigio, which was crisp, nicely chilled and went down far too easily – almost before the food even arrived!
Dining, Review, The Hoop, Stock, Essex, Pub, Fdbloggers
And on to the food... Lettie and Karl ordered the Pie of the Day, which was on the Specials board – I couldn’t tell you what was in it, as there were also pies on the main menu, but it was a reasonable size. Mum chose the beer battered cod, on a bed of mushy peas and served with a large side portion of chunky chips. I definitely think I’d order that next time – the fish looked of good quality and there was just the right amount of peas to accompany it. Following on from a recommendation from one of Robert’s friends (who also lives locally), we both opted for The Hoop’s take on a classic Toad in the Hole. The Toad in the Hoop was absolutely huge and I don’t think the photos of it really do it any justice at all! There were three large sausages in the mounds of cooked batter and the dish even came with a side of mashed potato (which I barely touched... although it was silky smooth and seasoned well). The onion gravy was beautifully rich and thick, but unfortunately there just wasn’t enough of it. Needless to say, we both struggled; however, Robert’s attempt was more valiant than mine! Understandably, none of us had room for dessert, which was a shame as there was plenty of choice.

For a midweek night out, The Hoop made a lovely change – the prices were reasonable, as well as the food and service (although we did have to go to the bar to order and pay, which is fairly normal for a pub). There’s no doubt I’ll be returning soon, even if it’s for a light lunch once it gets a bit warmer!

Love, Lucy xx